wow, coincidence or no?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by homeless box, Sep 18, 2007.

  1. So i had just finished my nightly shower toke session when i heard a knock on my door. My dad starts telling me he needs me to set his alarm clock because obviously hes computer retarded. I go to set it and what time is flashing on the clock, 4:20.

    Which is weird cause it was flashing, which means it wasnt even moving and it was like that all day:hello::smoke:
  2. When my power goes out or i unplug and plug my clock back in it flashes 12:00 but then keeps going forward. I seem to always check the clock at 4:20 and at first i think its a sign but then I just think I always check the clock and only notice when its 4:20. Sorry to be a buzzkill though.
  3. haha your right, but it is weird that it was on that time that i came in
  4. My god, this thread has given me motivation to make a new thread..
  5. I think your dad was trying to tell you something...;)

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