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  1. I just ordered The Sea of Green Vol 2 on VHS off of Ebay (search "marijuana grow") and a person on Ebay has it right now..I got mine today and Im doing everything just right I got 6 plants in vegetation waiting to be cloned and sexed in about 2 weeks..This Guide is amazing Step by Step footage to growing perfect organic closet cultivation..=) You see every step the pro's due and it is Narrated By the Famous Hans.. It is so easy step by step..This is a deffinate MUST HAVE for the person learning to grow indoor closet..smoke the best around ..YOURS ...Totally worth every 23.00$ spent... CHECK IT OUT...My plants are wonderful about 7 inches and very green and healthy.....=)
  2. Well Nothin Special There!!!!!!!!
    pretty much the same thing as this site...
    Post your question.... Iguess you couldnt follow directions
    It doesnt take a rocket scientist.....
    I will think about you whhen I take a hit..ok...
  3. one has to be literate to appreciate it
  4. ok now i know, you must be an agent.
  5. Agent what.......RUN
  6. He's just trying to spread a good word... no need to criticize him... growers... gotta stick together and help one another not put down one another lol.... anyways .... i have seen that video... well worth 23 dollars... i mean 23 dollars isnt much and if you have good harvest wont pinch you in the end... happy growing~!

  7. DICK.
  8. I do not plan to use the actuall sea of green tech. I Simply was saying that the video in genral is informative....but some people are just assholes.. My plants look Nice I want to take a pic soon to show all of ya...even the assholes..Later
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