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Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by Bumpingbeats, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. anyone wanna buy my account ? :p i needs to quit and i wouldn't mind getting a lil cash for it :p
  2. perhaps you'd want to include the stats of the account

    just sayin'

    and no tnx but good luck.
  3. making money off a wow account was so burning crusade
  4. my friend. i was thinking about this last night actually lol i dont understand how people spend thousands of dollars on a video game account
  5. Same predicament, 85 troll mage, 70 DK. hit me up. lawl.

    Good luck dude.
  6. Yeah ive had it up on a few sites for sale for a lil whiles now :p hope it sells soon
  7. No wonder you haven't sold it. You don't give any information about it. I'm not interested but c'mon man:rolleyes:

    Anybody wanna buy my car?
  8. I'll take it. I'll be sending your 40 cents shortly.

    Op, you need to give full and vivid details on the account. Either people drool over it or call it crap.
  9. Just uninstall.exe and never think about it again. If I quit WoW I wouldn't really want to fuck around with that, just be done with it all.

  10. lol i can understand if he was like one of those WoW addicts doing that but when you can make a couple grand from a video game account then id much rather sell
  11. People spend thousands of dollars for game accounts really? That's intense. I never would've imagined

  12. People sold burning crusade rogues with Twinblades for $10,000
  13. [quote name='"Phamas"']

    People sold burning crusade rogues with Twinblades for $10,000[/quote]

    How much work was put into making that account as good as it was? Like how hard did the original owner work? As someone who has played this game do you feel its worth it? (If you had the cash to spare)
  14. No shit? Fuckin A, I saw both of them drop, but I let a buddy of mine loot em. Stupid me. :(

    I'll sell my 85 rogue and several chars ranging from 1-50 for $45.

  15. back then it took a pretty decent amount of work to get that. still not worth 10'000 dollars lol. if you payed them for time put in to make it then mabye like 200 bucks but 10 grand is fucking crazy

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