Wow 8,000 posts

Discussion in 'General' started by Smokentoke420, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. would be enough to drive anyone crazy!

    Ive almost been here 3 years, posted 8,000 times.

    Too many drugs.

    Not enough drugs.

    I sit here before you today on a bunch of adderall and norcos, ghetto speedballin, rollin a blunt, reading about secret societies.

    Fuck valentines day
  2. congrats on the freetime! lol
  3. AMEN BROTHER!! :hello:
  4. Damn 8k! Grats bro.

    I agree fuck valentines. Im just chillin on some 5mg hydros bout to smoke :smoking:

    Gotta get my hands on some of them norcos
  5. Most of it wasn't "free" time, it was the same time you have, but you probably spent most of that time sleeping. I posted at least half of my posts while I was tweakin at night n shit.

  6. yeah valentines day is is dumb...

    whether or not you have a valentine its just pretty lameee

    congrats on the 8k

    ill be there soon enough :)
  7. Haha, frugs are great.

    Congrats on the 8,000 posts too!

    And you're a lucky bastard, all I have is my script of 60 atavan and some stoney ass weed.

  8. thanks homie, those 5's got too much tylonel for me. These are twice the hydrocodone and almost half the tylonel.
  9. always glad to see posts from you brosef. stay around for another 8,000. haha. hope all vibes are good your way. take it easy and always BE-EZ


  10. Shit your tellin me. I can only play with these for 2 days before its just pointless.

    These are free though so I dont complain. Yours are the 10/325 right? that sounds good.
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    Fuck yeah man. I just got back from the gas station to pick up a dutchie I've got 1.5 of some kush, and nobody to be smoking up any of my buds :) Goin' straight to my dome. Thinking about enjoying one of the vicodin or hydrocodone's I have afterward :D


    Fuck valentines day. It's not even real anyway.
  12. Damn dude. Grats, glad you're still around.
  13. thanks bro

    fa sho 10/315

    Kush and opiates is some bomb shit have fun

    fa sho, where u been?
  14. i wanna read what ur readin

  15. Secret Societies and How They Affect Our Lives Today by Sylvia Browne
  16. Congrats homie, Ill smoke this blunt for ya.
  17. thats wassup, keep it up
  18. thats a big number man, congrats. Enjoy your chill time, and yeah, fuck valentines day. :smoking:

  19. sounds like a nice day


  20. OK. What do I get for 900 ?:D:D:D:D:D:D

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