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  1. I wan to know if this is worth money? This looks really good, and I'm gonna haev it in a 3 and a half by 3 and a half closet.
  2. I'd be careful with "no-name" digital ballasts.

    There have been numerous digi ballasts that have the problem with excessive RF Interference (the ballast and bulb create radio waves that can disrupt T.V. and Radio signals and act as an electronic beacon pointing out your grow).

    The Lumatec 400 and 600 are both good to use, but the Lumatec 750, 1000, and I'm sure some of the knock off brands, produce a bunch of RF.

    I had 6 Lumatec 1000 digi's ...... until I realized they were broadcasting a 150' radius signal. It creaped me out than any tweaker with an AM radio could find my scene ..... I took them back and switch to magnetic ballsts.
  3. So how do you find magentic ballast with a light setup like this?

  4. Any ballast that is not digital will be magnetic.

    They are available at any grow shop.


    For what its worth I've had good customer service from Horticulturesource.com
  5. Thank you man, that shit really helped.

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