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would you trust him?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by lar20, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. well theres this dealer in my town and hes a really legit dealer he has the best bud in my town (seriously dank shit) and he weighs it for people and everything. however he has a really bad reputation with being a criminal and alittle bit of a druggie. im not new to bud or anything but all the dealers ive bought from were either good friends or other chill stoners but this guy really has some good shit lol idk would u trust it?
  2. I wouldn't do any big deals with him, keep it under 100. But really, unless you give him a reason to do something, he will probably just sit back and sell you weed.
  3. yea i dont see anything worng
  4. man if i was you i would buy like a small bag off him or somthing just to see how he acts and it like a couple of times...n if u buy somthing big make sure to have people wilth you or back ur shit up lol...i know what ya mean cause i have that same kind of guy here..i just buy off him n if he would try to rip i would beat his aass or just jump him..remember thats ur money so yea..
  5. normally it really wouldnt be a big deal but theres some sketchy people in my town id just be worried about getting robbed or somthin lol
  6. whenever ya have a new dealer just start small at first and build up a common ground with him. once he knows ur not a dope he wont fuck with u
  7. yeah that.
    just buy like dubs from him regularly until you establish whether or not hes gonna go douche mode on you
    and until he establishes whether or not your a little bitch

    your not a little bitch, right?
  8. lol nah but i was hoping to buy a ounce off him in a couple months cus i get off probation then so yeah i want a lot of bud :D idk i guess ill just try to get cool with him in the next couple of months

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