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would you toke with someone who has glasses?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by jacktheflipper, Jun 7, 2011.

  1. cuz i wouldn't.
  2. Hell no are u fucking kidding me?
  3. bitch better put in some contacts.
  4. sightist bastards
  5. lol nawh man i only toke with blind people
  6. I wear glasses...
  7. ..whats wrong with people who have glasses? you mean like glasses you wear for sight right?

    k well I don't see the problem with it, so I would probly not mind.
  8. I wear glasses too...
  9. I'd toke with someone wearing glasses, wouldn't if they had glasses though.
  10. I alrdy had?
  11. I seen a kid with glasses once.. It was crazy as fuck.
  12. What's a glasses...?
  13. What's wrong with you? Judging someone for wearing glasses, really..?
  14. hell to the no if they cant see theyre obviously going to get us caught like what the fuck?

  15. its not the glasses, its their poor eyes sight, inferior eyes!!!!!!!!

    (i have horrible eye sight lol)
  16. Smoking with somebody who wears glasses is just asking for trouble. Poor eyesight is contagious and I don't wanna catch shit
  17. I would if I didn't have a lighter :smoke:
  18. sometimes....gc has the worst threads
  19. any one else notice ops rep is neutral colored?
  20. LOL I don't get this

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