Would you stop smoking weed for a girl?

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  1. Title.

    It seems a lot of people on here won't, but I'm just curious as to how many either way. I probably would. I think if the girl is worth it and you're good together then weed shouldn't get in the way of that. On the flip side though, if she was really 'right' for you, then wouldn't she be chill with whatever you do?
  2. No I wouldnt.

    You'll end up resenting her for making you choose. Or you'll live happily ever after who the fuck knows
  3. Fuck no. Whoever would is a bitch.
  4. The girl that is worth it should accept you for you. Not because you do this or that.
  5. Uhhh.. how do I put this.. Hell no.
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    No. Never. If a girl is that awesome I would consider quitting for her, wait a second, no girl is that awesome I would quit for them. I didnt even quit when my own mother wanted me to, I'm sure as hell not doing it for anyone else.

    Best girls: stoner girls. Second best: ones that don't care what you do. I don't pay any attention to the other breeds.
  7. Fuck no...

    My buddy quit smoking for a whole year because of his girl friend, or should i say ex, and it was so annoying having to deal with some one who constantly smoked everyday, to a pussy whipped bitch everyday...
  8. HELL NO! , Nope , No way Jose'
  9. Never ever get that pussy whipped.
  10. I would stop for a week to show her that it really has no hold on me. She would also see me sober. Then id smoke a month in. Hold her like I've never held her before. Make her a delicious breakfast, wash her car, and bend her over the kitchen table and show her a great morning. Shell want to keep me high :D
  11. Hey good idea lol
    See pothead are the new bright mind
  12. Not a girl or a guy. I hope to meet someone that smokes just as much as me. Stoner love:3
  13. No...I'd never have to.
    I'd never put myself in a situation in which I couldn't be open and honest about who I am and what I do.
    If a chick couldn't accept that I use weed in moderation via healthy means while leading a productive life - well, that would make her a stuck-up, closed minded twat...not really my type in the first place.

    Though I'm married to a chick that knows everything, and shares everything along with me, so yeah, can only really answer for myself.

    The whole "I'd do it if I loved them" bit, I don't think it really applies...because if you love someone you love them for who they are already, not who you think they should become.

    I'm strongly against partners that try to force complete lifestyle changes on things like using weed...I mean I can understand it if a person was a complete alcoholic or a HUGE pothead that couldn't live life un-stoned...I can understand wanting to curb or lessen habits that are more like self-destructive tendencies, and the hope would be that they'd be receptive of this...but to give the ultimatum when you've got shit in control, and it's just a habit that they don't happen to like...not really cool...seen it happen, it's sad.
  14. i want my next girl to smoke so we can smoke, cuddle, have amazing sex, then have great pillow talk before we go to bed cuddling some more... what a great way to end a long day of work/college classes. :D
  15. just pretend you quit
  16. dont let her take your manlyness lol smoking is something you like to do dont let a chick ruin that
  17. FUCK NO.

    Would i lie to her about it, tho? YES
  18. heres my dilimea with this, why should i change who i am for a girl?
    she is certainly not going to change for me.

    you cannot force someone to be somebody they are not.
    and if you say people change, that is a bold faced lie.
    we are who we are, nothing more...nothing less

    you gotta find a girl who appreciates you for who you are.
    my girl doesn't smoke, she used to, but since i have known her she couldn't.
    never once has she tried to control me in forcing me to quit.
    she knows it makes me happy, and how bud has made me who i am today.

    also she doesn't care if i smoke infront of her, which is a big plus.
    i gotta say, i love my lady ;)

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