Would You Smoke With A Muslim? Question To Rasta Hindu Athiest Christian And Jews

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  1. One thing i noticed is that ganja brings religions alltogether. I believe it is necessary for us to exchange wisdom so that we can understand each other better and view the world in the perception of our brothers. Being a Muslim, I do not talking about sins and good deeds and who is going to hell, As I believe that everyone is entitled to their own relationship with Allah (God). But at the same time, I'm a ganja smoker, but in Islam, all intoxicants are declared haram. In my perception I view weed as a plant, that when lit on fire, there are effects gonna happen. Does this make me right? In my eyes, yes. But in the real world Muslim scholars agree that hashish is a "Khamr" (anything that fogs your mind or changes perception - intoxicate) in a solid form. Although in its pure form it is considered sacred, once contaminated its considered unholy.

    Allah-u-Akbar ☺
  2. I think I'd smoke with just about anybody if I felt comfortable around them, enjoyed their company and such. If anybody decides they don't want to smoke with me, I'm cool with that. No big deal.
    I suppose I consider myself a non-denominational christian, if I must wear a label.
    I think cannabis is what it is no matter what form it's in. Flower, oil, hash, it's all the same ingredients from the same plant. 
    I don't believe I'm going to burn in hell for taking aspirin for a headache, NyQuil for a cold, etc. so why would a cannabis remedy for this, or other issues be any different?
  3. I have known Hindus,Muslims,Christians,atheist,and even a few Wiccans while I myself am agnostic. Know what the difference between each group is? Nothing. Religion has no impact on personality but personality determines how you perceive your religion. Most of my good friends are Christians not atheists/agnostics. If you are someone who I get along with your religion is not relevant to my perception of you so absolutely I would. 
    Is that a Katt Williams quote?
    Yeah I'd smoke with you. I think we'd get along fine
  5. Damn right I would, religion makes no difference man. If your a cool dude it just don't matter.
    I mean i'm an atheist so religion is neither here nor there IMO.
  6. I Have smoked with all colors of people. I will tell you this, dont get pissed at me
    Some muslims are the nicest people in the world, they will be there even when you dont relize you need someone by you they will sacrifice their happiness for yours.
    But others are so cunning and deceitful it is disgusting, they try taking advantage of every talent and item you have.
    This isnt just for muslims in sure all religions have people on both ends, but I have noticed the most extremities are muslim.
    Again, I do not mean to insult anyone, just speakin from my years 
  7. I'd smoke with anyone who can carry a decent conversation and not annoy me. 
  8. Are there different sects of muslim religion like christanity? If not sorry man you're not muslim.
    There are Shias, Sunnis, and Mystics but even like Christianity the beliefs held among those groups are necessarily universal just like in different Christian denominations. I am not sure how not having different forms of a religion doesn't make him a Muslim. :rolleyes:
  10. Yup, I'd smoke with anyone regardless of religious denomination.
    It's my ever-pervading fear of getting murdered that keeps me alone.
  11. i have smoked with Muslims. high school kid from Nairobi, we called him Lake because his full name had like 2 vowels and 9 consonants. ive known alot of Muslims, and the topic of religion never really came up. 2 American born Pakistani kids i chilled with made fun of the Shiite types. how their form of Muslim was about peace. but the Shiites would kill in the name of their God. i wouldnt be any part of a religion that kills in the name of a god. come to think of it, im gonna start worshipin the Ancient Greek Gods. ZEUS BE PRAISED!!!
  12. i smoke with muslims regularly.
    Mohammed rolls the fattest nicest splifs ever.
  13. I'll smoke with anyone as long as they're nice! I'm an equal opportunity stoner through and through!
  14. OP, either take the ganja or the hinduism. If you decide to keep both, then know that Allah loves you even if you smoke weed. The koran was written by men.
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    i'd fuck a muslim chick
  17. Yeah sure. As long as they're cool
  18. well said my friend
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    Sure, but would a Muslim smoke with an atheist?
    I don't know, I'm ign'nt
  20. Muslims got that bomb weed

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