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Would you smoke me up if...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Apple iJuice, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. If he has money or any of them tell them to bring some too or if not just if you know they will smoke you out some other time
  2. I don't mind smoking people up as long as I know that they will do the same for me if I'm dry. Or if its a friends friend and its my first time meeting them then I might smoke them up just so I can get to know them better.
  3. I basically pool weed with only 1 friend. You can't do more than 1 unless you're getting in a lot.
  4. It's not even an issue around me. Most of my friends will smoke me up and won't even keep tabs, and it's the same with me.
  5. as I'm sure you can tell by now people can be stingy -___-
    I've never had a problem with sharing my green especially if you're gonna be hospitable with the food ya digg
  6. If i have the bud for it i usually smoke out my friends and anyone who they wanna bring along. As long as its not too many people. And in return i just expect to get smoked out when i'm dry. But i might also make them buy me a juice or something later.

    But yea if its at your house and there gonna be munching then you should be able to smoke for free. Don't pay him back just smoke him up.
  7. Ha, you used my favorite term, "the latter"!
  8. #28 skrill3x, Sep 21, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 21, 2011
    I smoke out my friends if I have weed to spare. I'll also offer to smoke people out if they do me a favor, i.e. give me a ride, pay for my shit, simple stuff like that. Or I'll smoke someone out if we're patching things up as friends.

    I think part of being a stoner is being generous with your weed and offering the herb as a gesture of love, forgiveness & gratitude.

    In regards to your situation, I'd be kinda pissed that my friend is asking for payment when he's staying in my house eating my food. If he's your friend, he shouldn't be making you put up like that especially if he's at your house. I don't know what to say man, if that were my friend I'd probably tell him that I'd just smoke him out later or something. That's kinda ridiculous that he's asking for money like that imo.
  9. I smoke up all my friends, regardless. In return, they smoke me up too. Money is just paper and the herb is all about sharing
  10. I will smoke up anyone on a ski lift with me. All you have to do is ask me.
  11. a lot of times ill offer to smoke coworkers up if they cover the rest of my shift for me when i feel like going home early. works like a charm lol

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