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Would you smoke me up if...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Apple iJuice, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. What are some things you guys would smoke someone up for? Like what would someone have to do to warrant you smoking them up? I'm partially making this thread because a few of my friends are gonna be over soon and one of them asked me if I could pay him back for supplying the bud. I am currently out of weed and money. I don't mind paying him back because there have been times where he's covered me where I had no money or bud.

    This time it's different though, I'm supplying the venue. Yeah, they could smoke elsewhere and be fine but they're staying at my house overnight and have access to most of my food. Is that worthy enough to have him smoke me up had he asked me to pay for this time? Or am I just being greedy and selfish? I highly doubt it's the latter. Thanks guys.
  2. I don't smoke people up, their normalness might shake off on me...And that would be fuckin' horrendous!:cool:

    But I suppose I'd smoke a chick up if she cleaned my kitchen, made me food, and brought me a Mountain Dew...But that's really pushin' it because women should just do that for free.:cool:
  3. Just cover him. Dont be a dick
  4. I invite friends over to my house and supply the food so I often get free weed. Depends if your house is the only house they can smoke at and how much (good) food you have. So yeah, I think it would be fair for some free/ cheap IOU weed.
  5. it works the other way around for me, i smoke people up unless they give me a reason not to.
  6. Ive been smoked out by friend's friend's that dont even know me and I mean smoked out like 2-3 bowls each of good dro so idk it depends on how tight you are with your green I guess.
  7. damn right
  8. This man knows what he is talking about.:cool:
  9. I smoke everyone up generously, but all my friends know I expect the same if they've got weed and I'm around :rolleyes:
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    Well, I usually like to be nice, but if it's someone that i really don't like, and I don't owe them a smoke or anything like that, I'll get the people i want to smoke with, have them come with me to a secluded area where the person we don't want to smoke up will be away from us. But I never say, no, you can't smoke. I'd be nice about it and make up an excuse at least.

    If I just met someone and they're pretty cool, I'll smoke them up, gives a good first impression and I like to show that you don't have to act like a stranger ;)
  11. Smoke him up man, but lay down some rules in your household. Your friends should have respect for your things anyway so i dont think there should be a problem :)
  12. This is how it is or how it should be at least.
  13. #14 Apple iJuice, Aug 14, 2011
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    Nah I mean, I'm still gonna cover him, that's not a problem. I'm throwing him 2gs in a week or so but it's not even like I said, "Yo come over, bring bud." He asked me if I wanted to chill and if we could use my house. You know what I mean? Like, you're asking me to smoke in my house and eat my shit, what's in it for me? Yeah I'm getting the bud still but I dunno. Maybe I'm mixing around my morals too much.
  14. me and my buddies always smoke eachother up we never charge if we r chillin together unless we r buying a bag then sometimes we split the costs but if i got a friend comin over we just smoke each others weed its np
  15. I smoke my friends up all the time cuz I like the company plus I know they will get me back when im dry
  16. #17 Apple iJuice, Aug 14, 2011
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    And thanks for all the other replies guys. Seems like the general consensus is that house is a commodity just as the weed is. I'll still throw him the 2 for the other times he's smoked me up like just for shits and gigs.

    EDIT: And these kids I'm chillin' with are good friends so yeah, fuck it. Friends are friends.
  17. If the person is related to me.
  18. I'd smoke someone up if they were a true homie and I knew they would repay the favor soon.
  19. I smoke you up, just to smoke you up. Herb is mean't to be shared.Pitch does help though

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