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Would you say this is 1 gram?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by harley19, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. So, I just did a pickup today. The guy I got it from seemed sort of sketchy, didn't weigh it or anything. He told me this was a gram, what would you say?

    Edit: Forgot to mention, but it's around 1 CM in height (didn't do a worm's eye shot)


  2. looks to be about .5 - .8, is it compressed feeling?
  3. It's honestly pretty hard to tell just by a picture. I'd say it's about 1g.
  4. shit looks gross but may just be the lighting
  5. No, to me it does not look like one gram. Look anywhere from .4-.8.

    Unless that little nugget is as dense as a mother, I'm afraid to say you got played.
  6. People are gonna have to stop doing this. We cant tell. A gram is a weight. Not a size. If it feels very fluffy, its probably not a gram, if it feels kinda compacted, it could damn well be a gram. But there is no real way of telling you. If possible, id invest in a cheap scale. Not trying to harass you or anything, but you have to keep all that in mind, and maybe you didnt know that a gram isnt a size for all I know.
  7. That thing looks like a burnt piece of popcorn.

    No way that's a gram. Probably .4 or .6
  8. #8 Cannabis Smoker, Apr 23, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 23, 2010

    + rep for the Deltron3030 pic

    to me, looks .5
  9. it's in fact half a turd
  10. My first thought as well. It looks to be some schwaggy schwag, but it's probably around a g given the density.
  11. I have to agree.
  12. Definatley not a gram, way less, .4-.6 I'd say.

    Looks like some shwag, maybe even vaped lol, but that could just be the pic.
  13. To be honest I don't think it looks like a g. On the other hand I've weighed out bags that looked like they were .4 that were 1 and ones that looked like they were 1 but were actually .4 so looks ain't everything.
  14. thats about .4-.6 to me , shouldnt have bought from him if he looked a little sketchy
  15. I say .6, but that depends on how dense/fluffy it is. Definitely doesnt look like quality tho, just buying that may have been a rip off.
  16. You should be asking us if this is even weed first lmao

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