Would You Save The Bird ?

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  1. So your in the Jungle and your walking along a path.....You see a bird resting on a branch....just relaxing enjoying life.....yet the bird does not realize that there is a snake coming from behind to have the bird for a meal.

    Now my question to you is.....

    (A) Let nature take it's course.....


    (B) Scare the bird away so it does not get eaten.....
  2. Nature has to take it's course IMO
  3. what kind of bird? My friend's pidgeon toed and I don't want any of his relatives dieing.
  4. Let nature take its course, stick around and watch.

  5. I would love to watch that mess !
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    I'd wait until the snake bites the bird, then I would take it off the snake and eat the bird myself and let the snake go on his way, just far enough that it thinks it's safe and then I'd catch up with it, bite it's head off and drink it's blood, then i would skin it, make a fire and cook the rest of it tied to a stick and then eat that too. I win. game over for snake and bird.
  7. Wow you're fucked up :p

    I'd let nature take its course
  8. the bird will get eaten either way. you cant change time. the universe has a natural balance. The birds gonna die regardless

  9. I agree dude 100% BUT are you going to save it's life.....kinda like final destination LOL
  10. if i could save the bird no matter what? no, i would have it die because the snake is more crucial to the ecosystem, infact, thats practically why the birds there, to be eaten.
  11. And avoid a sweet cellphone YouTube video moment?
  12. I don't see how scaring the bird away is different from letting nature take its course.
  13. I'd definitely save the bird

    Don't you know about the bird?
  14. b-b-b bird bird bird...the bird is the word....b-b-b bird bird bird the bird is the word.
  15. damnit you guys! now im gonna have that song stuck in my head til april!

  16. as soon as I was finished typing that I was singing it non stop !
    catchy tune...all i could think of was family guy when peter was singing it hardcore haha
  17. i'd scare the bird away. maybe throw a rock or something. i know nature has to take its course but i would hate to see it get swallowed alive by a snake. call me what you will.
  18. [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2WNrx2jq184&feature=related"]YouTube - Family Guy - Bird is the Word![/ame]
  19. if u told me to let nature take its course
    i would scare the bird away
    not to save it
    and not to piss off the snake
    but because im human
    and its in my nature to fuck up everything about the balance of nature

    but in my opinion
    let the snake eat.
  20. I'd cut down all the trees and burn everything to the ground...make sure everything is flat so I can see for miles....get a pair of really strong binoculars and scout the area for any other animals in danger....and if I saw an animal eating another animal I would punch it in the throat really hard.

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