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Would you recommend thc capsules

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Bolshevik55, Feb 15, 2014.

  1. #1 Bolshevik55, Feb 15, 2014
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    So I'm going out on a vacation and i want to find a way to bring some with me. I have never tried them before so don't know what to expect or notice. ,how long is the high? is it similar to other edibles?

  2. It's easy. Flying? Put it in your care kit with your toiletries.

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  3. no road trip haha but not everyone in the family knows i smoke, so this is easiest. but how is it easy? whats the high like any other edible? how long does it last?
  4. I've never tried them. I have just gotten other substances back that way. Lol

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  5. Alright thanks!
  6. Just found out that they are filled with thc oil and if it was me being the stoner that I am and love edibles, I would try them. It's worth a shot. Lol

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  7. Yes. Refer to BK thread. The best way to consume edibles

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  8. They take I while to digest and hit you in my experience still strong though
  9. I have had the THC caps before.. I believe they started with an M I forgot what they are called.. Anyways.. I didnt get high off of them. I got the medicinal perks but as far as being stoned I felt nothing.
  11. @[member="SirOmniscient"]   Yes!
  12. I made capsules out of my vaped bud and they are potent! I love the body buzz and everyone who was lucky enough to get a sample loved them too. Best incognito trick!!
  13. Marinol are not the same THC capsules that everyone else is referring to.
  14. I had thc capsules today about 4 hours ago and it has had NO impact whatsoever.. Im quite dissapointed a ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1401130789.944818.jpg

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  15. How did you make it?

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