Would you rather...

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Would you rather be...

  1. paralyzed from the neck down?

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  2. dead?

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  1. This is just a totally random poll cuz I was just curious. Would you rather be paralyzed from the neck down or dead?
  2. EVERYDAY above ground is a good day. There is no \"cure\" for death, But medical technology is advancing so quickly, there is always hope for new procedures and \"cures\" for any ailment or disability!! :hippie:
  3. Think of all the television you could watch, all the thinking you could do. All the hookah hits you could take. I chose death.

  4. LMAO good one IceCreamKidd !!!

  5. i\'d rather be alive because death is a very scary thing to face
  6. i choose paralized just as long i get to smoke the fine ganja.if i couldnt smoke id die just because of that...
  7. I would make people give me hits through an electric bong with a face mask ;) plus, you\'d get all the prime parking
  8. i forgot about the handycap parking.....i wonder if i could get a weed prescription for being like that? \"i need it . It takes the pain away\" you know though i think if i was like the dude in that metallica video \"one\" i would want to die though.
  9. every day above ground *is* a blessing. as long as i can still hear and enjoy music and the friendships/family i have in this life, then i would be all right. it might be difficult, and i can\'t imagine being in this position, but wonderful things exist in this lifetime i would have a very hard time giving up just so i could be dead instead of paralyzed. :D


    p.s. only skeevy stoners fart :D lol
  10. i couldnt answer, becuase its such a hard question. But if i really think about it, i\'d choose to be paralized. My mother got in a car accident and was paralized from the waist down for 2 years, then with shock therapy she slowly recovered and can walk today. It doesnt work 4 every1, but it shows me that there\'s always hope.

  11. lol, what good would parking be if you couldnt drive a car?
  12. i said paralyzed but i was kinda hopin we get a hand that can move cuz then i could do what i normally do all day (no not what your thinkin....sicko) sit in front of the cpu.
  13. What i picture is just a floating cognizant head apart from its body. I dont think you would be able to drive a car. At least not one with a manual transmission. =)


  14. we know what you do all day

  15. Someone would drive me around if I offered them my prime parking and a hit off my face mask ;)
  16. I think that i would rather be dead then not be able to do anything-
  17. *thinks keepsmokin can\'t read well*
  18. I voted that I\'d rather be dead. I couldn\'t stand being depend on people to wipe my ass, change my cath bag etc....but, that\'s just me. I kind of have to look forward to this possibility because I have MS. Right now, I\'m doing ok, tho. It\'s just something I\'ve thought alot about.

  19. I voted that I would rather be dead. There is noway that I would be able to live in a wheel chair and never be able to walk or run or do anything by myself again and having people feeling pity for me. I don\'t like the idea of being dependent on someone else and being a burden to the people that I love. It seems that would be a miserable existence.
  20. I have been avoiding this thread like the plague because I worry about jinxing myself. I am a bit superstitious-it started out as a novelty many, many years ago but things really work out true to the superstition sometimes so I can\'t let go of it all.

    I am probably buring myself here, but, I would so rather be dead. It just wouldn\'t be worth living life like that to me. If it happened, I would do what I could to make the best of it but if I could choose one or the other, it would be death. Of course, you never know what you would do under certain circumstances but, as of right now, that\'s my answer.

    I am not so terrified of dying but paralysis is a scary thing to ponder. In fact, I don\'t want to dscuss this anymore so that\'s all I have to say. I gotta go knock on some wood, hang panties from the ceiling while doing a handstand under them and drink sour milk upside down.
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