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  1. Live in the poles or the equator?

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  2. equator because I love hot weather
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  3. diannaagron-this.gif

    What Tonika said.
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  4. Equator... am pretty close to it already.

    I like cold weather a lot more, but I feel the poles would be a bit too extreme.
  5. i mean fuck both places.... Being hot sucks but being cold sucks too. I choose death in this scenario.
  6. Equator. Sit on the beach all day and smoke weed

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  7. Damn dude that's a little drastic lol

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  8. Poles I'd rather live in the cold hot weather sucks for smoking being all humid and shit where as in the cold you can take massive hits + how do you even sleep when its hot lol
  9. Neither. Imma take Honolulu. As far as I can tell, the weather there is about perfect.


    Key West, Florida, this time of year: Daytime high 88-90; overnight low, 82-83. WTF are you kidding me?

    Honolulu this time of year: Daytime high 80; overnight low 68-70. During winter, subtract 10-15 degrees.
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