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Would you rather

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by SortaStoner, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. Do you understand that everyone does stupid shit in there life, especially college? I may have drank tobacco spit but at least I didn't suck a guys dick for cash like a guy on my dorm floor or shoved a water bottle up my ass like a girl I was talkin to at a party. You act like when I graduate, im gonna have my roomies following me around telling everyone I dd something. Oh yeah thought I let you know, you smoke marijuana, that on your rep because not everyone approves. Maybe someone might tell a girl you like that and she doesn't approve, oh well I guess
  2. #22 lFourTwenty, Dec 24, 2012
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    Dude you chose the spit? Grody...

    Edit: and holy shit there has to be some nasty mother fuckers to smoke out of the bong with the same water for that long. just replace the bong water why would anyone smoke out of a bong with water that has shit growing on it? Nasty
  3. I'm not gonna continue this argument,but dude that kinda really draws the line.
    Bong water, no
    Tobacco spit, fuck yeah.
    What possessed you into even have the mindset to do so.
    Nasty stuff.
    And your reply is so off, it's crazy. We are talking two very different situations.
    But I'm not one to judge others, just whatever floats your boat.
    Not trying to be a coldhearted dude, just being honest man.
    I'm not trying to flame you because you did it, I'm basically saying WHY did you do it.
  4. lmfao!! hahaha even though the bong water is gonna taste horrible it might be better than the tobacco spit, some kid who would dip told me that if you swallow the spit youll throw up, then again i probably would choose the spit instead since its a quick shot glass hahaha
  5. jesus christ i cant even look at my pack of skoal.......fucking gross man.
  6. As I said the bong water had white stuff growin on the water, I just realized I forgot to mention it was my spit lol
  7. Is feeling like shit really only worth 100 dollars to you? You could not pay me any amount of money to drink either of those things. I have hit a bong on seperate occasions that never had the water changed and was a pull through. Some of that water would get in your mouth when you tried to clear the bong by inhaling too quickly(bong was about 1.5 feet). It is fucking disgusting, it is not water it is more comparable to a liquid ashtray in texture and taste.
  8. And drinking tobacco spit...I have never chewed tobacco but I would imagine there is good reason they spit it. Likely because swallowing it is disgusting and makes you feel ill. Just you know get a job and don't do painful things for the amusment of others for some small amount of money. However, if you decide to do this at least get some walkin' around money, ask for 1000 or at very least 500, and if they say no and try to start saying shit just say go ahead step up and do it yourself.

  9. You drank another guys spit for money, your not much better than your friend that sucked the dick lol.
  10. Friendly bet, between friends. I chew tobacco, you spit because you don't want a mouthful of spit so you get it out. I can swallow dip spit, the reason of this Is I swallowed it during school so I didn't get caught in school. I just wanted to make sure that bong water didn't taste like anything. I have a job thank you and I don't get why everyone is ridiculing me for a decision that's already been made. All your doing is telling me how dumb I was when the point of this thread was to give me a straight answer.

  11. My spit actually thanks
  12. Just saying you guys are worse than yahoo answers when looking for a advice lol.

  13. Still absolutely raunchy.

    Worst thing I've ever consumed at college was a spider.

    Got a pack of newport 100's. Then again I was shitfaced and there was a crowd of ladies watching.

  14. Fuck that! Bitch probably Implanted a few babies where you can reach when you brush
  15. Chewed it up reallll nice hahaha.

    Mmm minced spider. It was one of those big suckers too, the ones you see in late summer that have been eating good all year lol.

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