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Would you rather

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by SortaStoner, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. I need some help guys, if I win this bet I get 100 bucks. I have to either take three shots of tobacco spit or 3 shots of disgusting bong water. Now I know at least one of you have sipped fermenting three week old bong water, is it that bad?
  2. One thing is, from where I used to rip I can swallow a little bit of dip spit but I just wanna make sure that bong water doesn't taste bad before I do it
  3. wtf spit vs water? Is this even a question..
  4. My thoughts exactly....
  5. Water. With $100 buy some juice, weed, get high and forget you drank the nasty water
  6. Da water this isnt even a question
  7. Do u have to do 3 separate shots or can u Gulp them all at once
  8. Basically spit vs spit
  9. Thanks blades, at least you gave me an answer before you ridiculed me :)

  10. Three seperate shots, I mean I've just red stuff where kids have veer hospitalized from drinking bong water but that wasn't on Here. Answers from experience or possibly wrong information
  11. plug your nose and chug the bong water shots, i drank all of the water in my ashcatcher after smoking an eighth out of it with my buddies, its not as bad as you think haha just tastes like ash
  12. edit: dumb post
  13. Go tobacco. I have drank my own spitters. My bro has on accident. If its just from I've sesh i would go bong water but if the bong isn't clean then no way in hell i would do that

  14. No it's not, I'm officially 100 dollars richer
  15. I drank the spit, bong water had white stuff growing on top of the water, I saw this after I drank the spit, I'm officially 100 dollars richer and it's going towards my next ounce
  16. For a hundred? Do that any day of the week. Done worse for less buy those stories began with the consumption of some unmentionables;)
  17. why would anyone waste 100 dollars to watch someone drink not even half a full bongs worth of water? lol oh well at least u got the money.. oh you drank the spit. thats unbearably nasty to me but... hope it was worth it lol
  18. I wouldn't do it for a $100.

    You just sold your reputation as the guy/gal who drank not only one shot but three shots of someone's tobacco spit.
    Next thing you know, your about to hook up with a girl and the same people or person is with you and they spill the beans about that bet. The girl prolly won't care about a measly $100.
    Fucking nasty man.
    Maybe $100 per shot........Just maybe Ctfu

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