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Would you rather smoke with friends or by yourself.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Casper1995, Jul 22, 2003.

  1. I'm curious to know if all you tokers out there would rather smoke with some friends.

    I like to smoke with friends, myself. It boosts the fun level. Thats not to say that I don't enjoy a good alone toke. I jus want to know what you guys like.
  2. I prefer by myself..but I won't turn my friends down if they have some or want to smoke with me :D
  3. The best way to enjoy anything is to share it, right?! (Well, I guess there are a few exceptions to that rule.)HAHA! But MJ is better shared, except for friends that are leeches, the ones who never supply, try to avoid them as much as possible. That is the best way to handle them.
  4. I generally smoke wit my buddys during the day or at night, but when the nights over and Im drunk/high/sober I LOVE coming home and smoking some bongs and jus relaxin watchin T.V b4 i pass out
  5. with my homiez... i would get lonely all by myself!
  6. I LOVE to toke alone..I love to just let my mind wander quietly. its a great way to just relax my head. but I do enjoy toking with friends. nothing is better than when some little crazy thing will happen, and when you see it, and you cant believe your eyes, and you look up and you and your stoner buddy is in the same expression as you...and you both know it.
    anyway, I like to toker with me, myself, I and we all like to toker with our friends :D
  7. friends, i fell that it is some thing that is really only fun to do whith friends, like even if that pearson, just chilling with them wile u smoke(if its cool with them, luckly i have friends like that) i find it more fun
  8. Both ways of smoking are cool, but in very different ways. Smoking alone can be a nice relaxing introspective expierence. But smoking with friends can be truely enjoyable and bring you closer to each other. It's hard to judge one above the other, as they are both good in different ways. I'd recommend a mix of both.
  9. I don't think I prefer either over the other. It's just, if someone's there and I'm going to smoke whether they were there or not.. it's like, "hey, let's go smoke.."
  10. The best is smoking with friends. I have a lot of close friends that are huge pot heads (myself included :D) and it's always so much better to get lambaisted together and laugh at whatever's on the telly at the time.

    Speaking of which, it's time to go home from work, smoke some of my newly-aquired weed with my roommate and go see 28 Days Later. Fucking A.

    Peace and love, bros and gal-pals! Keep on keepin' on.
  11. That's the plan. :D :)
  12. i definatly like to smoke alone. in the woods is best:). can just sit stoned in the wilderness and become one with nature:smoke:
  13. I wish I had friends that smoked.
  14. Smoking with friends is really fun, but you have such deep, weird thoughts on your own without the distraction of conversation. I don't know which I prefer though. If you're high, who cares?
  15. it depends what mood im in, usualy when im depressed i like to smoke alone cause people usualy piss me off, but when im not feeling that shitty, its always with friends, i just feel more comfortable :smoke:
  16. I usually toke by myself at about 10pm while watchin the lava lamps and the tv, its hella fun, i really dont have many pothead friends, but its all good. :D

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