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  1. well, i was just thinking about it. it's a pretty interesting situation. getting caught masturbating means embarrassment and humiliation, while getting caught smoking means you're fucked. there are plenty of factors that could go into which one of these options you choose in the thread. let's see how it comes out... i think this will be funny.

    i'd much rather be caught smoking. i have no shame in smoking weed, but i have shame in getting caught chokin the chicken with my pants around my legs and what not. :smoking:
  2. Yeah i would rather be caught smoking any day then have my like grandma walk in on me while jerkin off haha
  3. if you smoked in your room like 10 minutes before you sit down at your comp (this is if its in your room) and you rub off a quick one and your mom walks in mid-stroke, that aint gunna be a good combination.....but haha its fuckin funny

    :smoking: :smoking:
  4. ^^,

    I'm glad when I got caught smoking though I wasn't beatin' the meat when my mama came home, that woulda been embarassing and devastating.
  5. Daaamn. I'm a girl, so I'm expected to be 'in control of my urges'. Being caught polishin' the pearl would be...um...I have no idea how my parents would react. I think my mother would be traumatized. Smoking up would definitely be a huge deal too, as in a couple of slaps or so before trying to rehabilitate me. Well fuck, it sucks to have religious parents. :(
  6. Masturbating of course... consider my parents know I smoke but I don't live with them so I could pretty much care less.

    And damn I didn't really read the question good. I'd rather be caught smoking than masturbating that is. Hell if they "caught" me smoking i'd probly offer them some, haha in all seriousness (I wouldn't be suprised if they said sure also...) Whenever i'm home I smoke in the basement or outside on the porch, sometimes they walk down/outside sometimes not, i don't stress it. My dad is the only one who would give me one of those "lectures" but overall hes fine with it, and my mom doesn't care at all aslong as I moderated my money with it and don't do any other drugs.
  7. id rather not get caught doing anything. but if i had to choose between the two i think id go with wackin off. it would be a hell of a lot more embarrassing and i dont think id ever be able to talk to whoever caught me the same way again. but id be in a shitload of trouble if i got caught smoking and id just have to deal with the embarassmend if i was beatin my meat
  8. as much as i truly hate to admit this in a public forum, i got caught doing both when i was younger (seperate incidents)

    smoking, i was sitting on my back deck with a pipe made from a beer can, and my mom came back from her walk earlier than i expected. not only was i smoking weed, i was a 14 year old with an empty beer can. if i was in my mom's situation i would have had no idea what to think lol. i was mortified at the time but looking back... i didnt get in any trouble. they just tried to give me a scare speach about how they were going to call the police if it happened again...

    and masturbating? well lets just say it was the most embarassing thing that has ever happened to me. my mom told me to wash my hands and go to bed.

    jesus christ if i could only erase one, it would DEFINATELY be beating off.
  9. Depends who catches me. I'd rather get caught masturbating by a cop.

    I'd rather get caught smoking weed by almost anyone else.
  10. I wouldnt mind gettin caught masturbating by a really hot shorty, Then....

    But shit, Opposite of Feanor, If i got caught by pos i rather get charged with a drug charge then a sexual crime. You'll be a registered sex offender n shit, No thank you.
  11. both. if i was high i wouldn't really care, i'd just think it was funny and shake it off
  12. haha one of my friends has an incredibly crazy, hardcore catholic mom and he got caught for sex, weed and drinking in a 4 week period. First, his dog found a used condom in his room and took it to his mom LOL, then.. his dad found some empty 40's in the garrage. After that they came to the conclusion that he was a drunken pervert and sent him to therpy.. where he was tested and came up for weed. They almost completely disowned him for several months, then as things were getting better, Him and I totaled his car drunk driving (he was driving) This brought on another 4 months of hell for him and im terrified his moms gonna drown me in holy water if she ever sees me around town (the woman took me to see the passion when it came out because "she thought i needed jesus"
  13. yeah both HAHAHAHAHA! JOE>
  14. Ive been caught smoking, ive been caught beating off.

    Id say sitting in front of a computer with my pants down is a bit worse.
  15. i'd MUCH rather be caught wacking it. i mean my mom would just laugh and walk away. i told her that i got caught by my brother and she thought it was funny.
  16. i'd MUCH rather be caught wacking it. i mean my mom would just laugh and walk away. i told her that i got caught by my brother and she thought it was funny.
  17. anyone that would be in my apartment knows i smoke so i guess i'd rather get caught smoking then beating off.
  18. definatly smoking, I'm not ashamed of smoking weed, (none of you should be) and if my parents really couldn't handle it then i wouldn't want to live with them anymore

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