Would you rather live in a large home or a small home?

Discussion in 'General' started by LoveisKind, Nov 14, 2014.

  1. I would rather live in a smaller home since I think too much space can feel like a bit much...

  2. Depends if you have kids.
    I think if you live alone. There's no need for a mansion.
  3. ...larger, but there is such thing as too large.
  4. Yeah a big house is nice if you have a big family to fill it up.

    If you're single then fuck it, a well furnished studio apartment will do.
  5. i'm good with a small house for now. but if and when i have kids, i would prefer a good sized home.
  6. Large house with a large amount of land, preferably 100+ acres

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  7. I can easily make do with a 1br 1bathroom house, but Im a bit of a pack rat, so more room would be nice
  8. Small home with an acre or 2 backyard.
  9. I grew up in a small house so I never got to have any parties or even more than 2 friends over at a time so I would much rather have a big house that a small one!

    Wanna smerk a berl???
  10. Small logged cabin with solar energy, at the summit where theres an overlook of a nice sized lake in the middle of a valley. Around the lake would be knee high green grass with maple wood trees being the majority of the woods surrounding the green feild and lake. And my house would only be like 20 minutes from a small ass village and like 3 hours from a small city or big town.

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  11. I always wanted just a small cozy house
  12. Small home with a large plot of land.. forests.
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    My home is only 900 square feet but has basically 5 bedrooms or 3 bedrooms with a living room and multipurpose room.
    im on a 1/4 acre but would love 2-50 acres, bet your ass I would have cows, milk cows, hogs, chickens turkeys,ducks and with a huge protest from my lady I would have ostriches. Big fucking birds. :D Kick your ass size birds!
    Work like a dog, but live a healthy hard working lifestyle more than I do now.  Bucking hay is fucking work any farm boy or girl can tell you.
    Our other house is bigger, we need to rent it out as we are paying it off in the next couple years, its way out in the boonies.
  14. My house is small and cozy, probably about 1000sq ft....but I have a little under 40 acres and it sits almost in the middle.
    don't have to worry about anyone seeing me pee outside..... :laughing:
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    Any good outbuildings? A man needs a couple workshops, wood-shop and a mechanics ,welding and machine shop that's a steel pole building where It will not catch fire.
    Our other house has a super insulated outbuilding room that could be anything from a walk in freezer or heated to be a sauna.
  16. I have a 24x48 foot pole barn I built out of used materials in 82...also have a 12x12 metal shed....but my pride and joy is a refrigerated 52 foot semi trailer...I put a window where the reefer unit was and have materials to build a man cave inside. Hope to do that this winter...
  17. Living by myself, this would easily be more than enough. I'd have a guest room at least.
    If eventually I have a family with 3 kids a wife good jobs etc I'd like to be in something not bigger than this
  18. I don't have a problem with small home, but the yard needs to be large with lots of trees.

    2000 Sq ft is good for me.
  19. A castle set upon the Edge of the World with a backyard full of unicorns and dragons.
    Reality?  Fuck reality, hasn't done me a cent worth of good. :cool:
  20. Right now, I don't want a home at all. I don't have any possessions to fill it up with anyway. I have different priorities in my life.
    But if and when we do settle down, my kids are going to need a big ol' plot of land to run amok. I don't mind cozy quarters, but I believe in space to roam.

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