Would you quit smoking weed for girlfriend/wife?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by MrGanjaMan805, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. It really depends on why she would want him to quit. In my case, the only reason she had to offer up, it's illegal.:confused:

    I quit for three years, in that time frame, I became a total alcoholic A-hole.:eek:

    We tetered on the verge of divorce, my health was going down hill fast, I was pushing 250lbs and growing.:(

    My brother shared some information with me, MJ was legal medicinally in CO.:eek::hello:

    Immediately visited my doctor, got my card, and wow, what a change for the better.:D

    I lost 50lbs in the first year alone and an additional 35lbs since, quit drinking alcohol.;)

    Best medicine............... EVER!:wave:
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  2. I probably would quit for a girlfriend or wife if I had to, but I don't have a girlfriend or wife right now. If i was to quit though, I would still smoke maybe once or twice a month just for the fun of it
  3. Good for you man!! Great story! It would definitely depend on the reason. Well before I married her I would already find out if she didn't like being around me high or just didn't like cannabis in general. If my girlfriend said she wanted me to totally quit and she couldn't give me a viable reason as to why, I would just break up with her... any reasonable person will listen and think through why it is so bad and realize there is no problem whatsoever.
  4. when im older Im gonna cut back, but quit? you must be out of your mind, that's like telling lebron james to quit basketball for his wife, it's my hobby and its a part of me you can't take away.
  5. The likely-hood of me dating someone who isn't cool with weed is going to be slim to none. One of my friends decided to drop the pipe after dating this girl. Said she was the best thing in his life, and he would never again smoke.

    Dated for six months, they broke up, and within 24 hours he was begging to get smoked out :p
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  6. Na my wife doesnt smoke but she cops and rolls most of my green for me.
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  7. lmao I recognize your seriousness, but still gave me a good laugh, cause it's kind of true.
  8. I quit smoking for a girlfriend before. it wasn't really because she told me to though. I don't think she really liked it but she didn't mind. I just quit because my time was more occupied with other shit.

    to be honest I think it's probably part of the reason we broke up after a year. at least an underlying reason.

    but if a random ass chick I messed with gave me an ultimatum... no. a wife, maybe.
  9. So after dating Chong for a couple years your aunt decides to marry him and then decides to issue an ultimatim.
    She thought she was going to CHANGE HIM once they got married.

    Guess she was wrong!
  10. I don't know. I'd say 'hell no' but then I'd be kind of a hypocrit cause my girlfriend has effected my smoking habits tbh. It's not like she said 'STOP SMOKING WEED OR WE'RE DONE' but she just doesn't like me being stoned around her and she's worried about me because i've had some other issues where weed might not be good for.

    All she actually did was made me realize myself that I had to smoke less weed, so I just did. Not because she told me to, but because she made me realize it myself. If she'd just bitched about it without talking about it properly I would probably have dumped her already cause I absolutely hate it when people won't let me do my thing.
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  11. i would not stay with a girl who is that closed minded about things.
    but weed can be seen as the problem in someones life if they make it a problem.
  12. Fuck no . If she can't accept me for who I am , I don't really think we should be together. I mean I'm all about making sacrifices for your mate but that just means I'd toke less or when he/she wasn't around

  13. Like the old saying 'you gotta take a man for what he is but you don't have to leave him like that'. guess dat bitch was wrong
  14. No, id quit for myself though
  15. Well, yeah. If I absolutely had to. I don't even smoke that much anymore, actually, I haven't blazed in months. :\
  16. I'd probably cut back because I'd imagine I'll have more responsibilities or whatever when I'm married. But I see no harm in smoking a bowl and watching a movie every now and then.
  17. Reminds me of the ending to Half Baked lol

  18. he's mexican so more like cheech. i guess she assumed that he would just drop it if she asked and when he said no it made her feel like he cared more about the weed than he does her, so it snowballed.
  19. no because she'd know about it very early in the relationship so before we are even labeled as GF/BF she'd know about it... if she's not fine with it then we would never proceed.

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