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Would you quit smoking weed for girlfriend/wife?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by MrGanjaMan805, Dec 28, 2012.

  1. My aunt's divorcing her husband because he won't quit smoking weed. The dude is a total pot head, he's the one who got me back into smoking after i quit. They were only married for a couple of months but they were dating for years. I guess my aunt couldn't take all the pot smoking anymore and gave him an ultimatum. I found a letter from him to her saying he was sorry and he would quit smoking weed for her, but they're already divorcing so i guess he couldn't quit.

    Me personally, i wouldn't quit for a Gf, but i would for a wife. Girlfriends come and go, but the lessons and experiences i've had on marijuana are going to last me a lifetime. So yea i think my aunts husband is in the wrong. But its his choice. my question to you guys is: would you quit for a loved one?

    tl;dr: my aunt's husband is a pot head
  2. He didn't become a pothead during the marriage, if she didn't like it she shouldn't have married him.

    So no I would not for that reason.
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  3. Find women that toke.
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  4. If a girl is that closed-minded about weed, they're gonna be extremely stubborn on other things as well. So it's unlikely I would quit for any woman unless there's a damn good reason.
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  5. No but I would significantly cut down
  6. girl Im seeing now smokes better than I do?
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  7. I would not quit full out, I'd sit down and have a discussion about it, stating my position and how I feel about it, then have her give her input. Based off that adult discussion, I would hope to come to an agreement, such as once a week or once every two weeks.
    Personally, I would not marry someone who was against it or who didnt like me doing it in the first place. I going to try and make sure that I get myself hitched with someone who is cool about it and who smokes as well. Hell, I'd even try and build a small basement smoke room with a locking door and fan to suck the smell out


    I dont know the full story on your aunt and uncle, but I feel that your uncle was more in the wrong than your aunt. However, seems like they both have some faults on them. She should have realized it was part of who he was, and either accepted it, or tried to work something out with him. However, he should have worked harder to come to an agreement too. Again, my 2 cents, I dont know the full extent of what went on.
  8. yep, depends how into her i am though.
  9. this...
  10. No I would not. I will not be told what to do. Obviously a girlfriend would find out about smoking, so that'd give her the chance to leave. If she married me and knew how much I smoked then she should know by then I'm not going to quit. Seriously, I fucking hate being told what to do when it comes to something like smoking.
  11. Definitely not quit, but cut down when he's around.
  12. Id have a threesome with another man and her before I do that.(i am not homophobic, just dont want another man touch me like that)

  13. Dreamgirl? I remember when I met this hot ass girl, everytime she took a hit, it was just so--sexy but in a classy kind of way.
  14. I dont think either of them are wrong, sounds like they just weren't meant to be.

    That being said, no I would not.
  15. I quit cigs for my wife.. then started growing weed and she supported me... but i recently started smoking a pipe, she's not a fan.... but she's not going to leave me over it... and its not a habit, its fun

    its always perspective...
  16. would i quit for my gf? no.. wife? all depends on how much i love her and how our relationship stands...

    p.s my gf smokes with me so its all good for me :D
  17. Would i quit smoking for a guy? No. I dont want to be with a guy who doesn't smoke anyway. But it does annoy me when people smoke ALL day long. I enjoy weed but I like to smoke after I've competed my day.

    I don't see the point in being high literally all day.
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  18. Nope, a girl should be able to respect your decision to smoke. If she doesn't like it, she isn't for you.

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