Would you quit smoking weed for girlfriend/wife?

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  1. I wouldn't toke around my girlfriend if she hated it, but wouldn't quit. If a girl married me then she shouldn't have a problem with weed.
  2. Said it in a similar thread

    They day a girl can get me to stop smoking, that's the girl I'm marrying
  3. A... weed pipe... right?
  4. Most couples that smoke pot do so separately Until they both find out; but hey don't waste your pot in such situations
  5. Hell no. Obviously if there was kids involved or something I wouldn't be sitting around smoking bongs all day but every now and again I've gotta chill with Mary. If she can't accept that then how much other stuff is she gonna fuss over?
  6. I wouldn't establish a long term relationship with someone who had a problem with me smoking.
    But if I was dating someone and they grew to dislike it I would cut back but I wouldn't stop. I belive in compromise not ultimatums.
  7. I'd tell her yes sweetie, I quit, then when we were making love light a blunt
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    I think it depends on the situation. Marriage is about compromise, however a woman (or man) shouldn't marry someone who has an irreconcilable difference in views of what's morally right, or lifestyle. That's just a bad idea.

    If someone deals with a stoner's lifestyle and marries that person, than sometime down the line decides s/he doesn't want to be married to a stoner anymore, that's really not fair. However, if two people who've held the common view that marijuana is not for them for the majority of the relationship, I don't necessarily feel it's fair to put a spouse in the position to suddenly change their views just because you decided weed is fun completely out of the blue.

    That being said, it's not really an issue for me right now. I've found that weed isn't a good fit for me at this point in my life. Maybe that'll change, maybe not.
  9. I'd quit for my kids.

    Take kids out of the equation and a woman would have to come up with a damn good reason for me to quit.

    My woman telling me she doesn't approve of weed is NOT a good enough reason. Does the fact that I DO approve of weed mean nothing?
  10. Hell no. My gf likes to sesh with me every now and then.
  11. For some people being a stoner is part of their identity.

    I can understand completely if someone like that refuses to quit. Unless they weren't a stoner when they got married. Then that brings things to a gray area.
  12. seems pretty illogical for them to be dating and then get married if she probably knew he was smoking by then. sometimes being high all the time isn't the best. i could understand where she's coming from, but, at the same time, i feel like it's his lifestyle and she should not try to change that
  13. Hell no I wouldn't stop for anyone let alone some girl. Women are a dime a fuckin dozen. When you find a bad one its like a bad apple, keep diggin in the barrel til you find a good one.
  14. if its creating a financial burden i could see it, like booze might. thats the only way
  15. If it's interfering with his personal or professional life, then yeah, time to reevaluate your priorities. But if they were dating for years, why didn't she have a problem with it up until now? Sounds to me like something else is up.

    I'm not an all day stoner, and I'm a very productive person, but toking has become a part of who I am. I enjoy it on a lot of different levels. If my girl came to me today and told me it genuinely bothered her, I'd cut back. If she came to me and gave me the choice between her or the pot... well, that'd suck.

    But I'd choose her. Girl got me sprung.
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    I would if my companion truly felt a concern for my well being and it caused her some amount of pain or discomfort , I mean smoking isnt that big a deal so if she showed genuine concerns I would take up the mantle , choosing a drug over my love is a prett obviouse choice she's impacted my life a whole lot more positively then weed and makes me a lot happier.my girl and me burn mad weed though only person I know that I genuinely love to blaze it with beside my brother.
  17. Women who have smoked and experienced drugs in the past, but no longer choose to are the hottest. I've dated many pot head girls, and after a while it is plain NOT SEXY. If you want I can go into my experiences and share my reasoning for this view point. My current fiance does not smoke or do any drugs. She has her own car, own house, high paying job, degree, etc. Do I need to say more? Typically it's the pot head girls that don't have their shit together.

    See, I'm a rare exception to the rule, based on the people I know. The most successful stoners I know don't let any drugs control their life. So that means my wife before weed, my business before weed, my finances before weed, my child before weed and so on. If I didn't think this way, I'd be a lot farther behind. But I'm doing good for myself. I am 24, own my own 6 figure business, own 2 rv's, a boat, an ATV, and a couple cars. Got my own place, a couple grows. I mean I'm still middle class (I don't even have $100,000 in the bank). But I am doing good for myself. And that's what happens when YOU truly run your life.
  18. I don't see the comparison but alright
  19. well, i am a lady and my boyfriend really doesn't like me smoking as often as I do. in his words he 'doesn't mind once in a while,' but as I've been smoking more frequently he's getting more annoyed with it.
  20. She's not divorcing him because he's a pot head, she's divorcing him because he's a Lazy pot head.

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