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Would you prefer a blunt or a joint?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MrFourTwenty, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. NO BONGS, BOWLS etc.
    What would you prefer a blunt or a joint? and what would you roll it with?
  2. I'd prefer a joint and I'd roll it with my hands if I could but prolly have to use a rolling machine lol. Getting better at rolling joints though been practicing just won't smoke one til I consider it rolled good enough and not quite there yet. Not a big fan of blunts cause they always take such a large amount of weed that I end up burnt out by the end of them plus they're always extremely harsh and awful tasting to me I hate the wraps.
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    Joint because it doesn't "burn to fast" if you roll them correctly (aka tight.) And with hemp or rice paper, they're nnot as harsh like blunts. And I prefer zig zags but I can't find any around anymore so I use ez widers.
  4. Of course joints are better, blunts give a awful taste the high is total different and blunts are just plain nasty and bad for you.
  5. Joint of some sour diesel in king size paper idgaf what brand haha
  6. a bleezy all day! burns slower and a better high. I would prolly go with a honey game cigarillo, and some GDP inside.
  7. blunts.. because they burn slower nd i think they get you higher, seeing how a blunt is wrapped in a dried tobacco leaf
  8. I'll take a joint over a blunt any day. Blunts taste gross. I want my weed to taste like weed, not grape flavored, or tobacco flavored, or anything other than weed. I also hate it when people put that crappy flavored drops stuff on the weed. Just gross.
  9. For the record blunts do not get you more higher its because the burning of the tobacco and the weed that gives you a different high. Joints are better.
  10. Your opinion is welcomed, but who says more higher.
  11. well, it actually does get you higher.. nicotine is a drug.. the nicotine synergizes with the weed to make a slightly more intense high... maybe i can explain this better in a math problem

    joint= weed
    blunt= weed+nicotine

  12. That's were your wrong nicotine does not get you high. What is high? A euphoric state, a period of sustained excitement, exhilaration. When nicotine is inhaled it moves into the blood stream and directly to the brain unlike marijuana it only effects the receptors that release acetylcholine.

    So like i was saying it does not get you more higher.
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    Um, yeah it does.... It's just not a "weed high"
  14. if i had to choose one it would be the joint RAW's
  15. Joint. Bob Marley Kingsize.
  16. I like both but they are also wasteful as well
  17. King sized joint
  18. blunt, rolled myself with a game palma vanilla dutch cigar :smoke:
  19. Does this answer your question

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