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would you pay over 20 for a gram?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by kUsHkId420, Sep 18, 2009.

  1. So my dealers been dry forever these days and all i can find is mids well everyones been telling me to get this dank ass chronic from this guy so i got his number and texted him and he wants 25 a gram, he said 80 an eighth :(:( everyones tellin me its some of the best weed so Blades what should i do?
  2. its expensive but you might as well buy a g. for the extra 5 bucks it could be worth it and then you could always go back to that guy if its legit bud
  3. ighht thats what im thinking im going to do i just hate when they charge so much!
  4. yeah i know... my guy's bud is steep but he has good shit and now that ive been buying from him for a while he'll hook me up
  5. I wouldn't. In my area I never had to pay more than 15 a gram, and even then it was some the best bud i had ever laid my eyes on. I guess if you are wanting it that much then go for it.
  6. usually pay 15-20, but if it is some great shit, then pay 25 for it broskie.
  7. Dont pay over 20 for a gram. your bending yourself over and raping yourself
  8. lol @ 80 an eight. this isnt fucking coke ,,, its a plant.
  9. yes i would pay that much if it was a strain and not just "danks" the only way i would pay that much is if i know he got the seeds from a seedbank or went to amsterdam or canada and bought a certain type of strain seeds. Other wise 25$ a g for "dank" I wouldnt risk it
  10. Depends if it's worth it to you. Technically, nothing is worth over $20 a gram but if that's all you have and you want it bad enough then go for it.
  11. holy moses, that is WAYYYY too much for weed. the dankest shit ive ever smoked was two weeks ago and i only paid $40 for 1/8....the highest it gets where i live is like $60....but damn 80 for 1/8.....i can get 2/8 for that....

    move to san francisco and you will never be dry and itll come at the best price(s)
  12. And to think I got mad when one of my dealers tried to charge me $65 for an eighth tonight lol (which he was kind enough to give me for $60 after I told him nah on the extra $5).

    I'd pay $25 for a g if it was like some FIRE, like way better than the normal heads here which means it'd have to be pretty god damn good
  13. It's bull shit. But in the past I have payed $20 for .7

    If it's the only thing you can get sometimes you have to bite the bullet.

    Grow. :smoking:
  14. The most I've probably paid was 60 for an 8th, so I definatly wouldnt go as steep as 80. If you want some dank then see what you can get for like 40. If its less then 2g i probably wouldnt take it, but its up to you.
  15. no. i would never pay over 20 collars for a gram of any kind of weed.
  16. I pay 20 a gram for some primo stuff. Never paid more than that though. I dunno it would have to be straight fire.
  17. the amazing shit around my area is sadly 25G all the way up....pretty fucking sad! but some pretty damn good bud from NC is like 15g
  18. the usual here is $20 a g for dank, its usually good shit. i know someone that only charges $15 a g but its dry shit.

    if its that good id pay $25 a g, buy a g and test it, if its good enough then id pay $25 a g.

    im bout to be buyin a g of dank for $10, if its good ill be buyin from him. he gets it for the low and sells for the low. 10 a g for dank round here is a deal, 15 a g is usually a deal.

    full price for an 8th is $50. ima be gettin that for like $25.
  19. I wouldn't want to.
  20. EVeryone missed the most important part of this thread...

    Why the fuck are you text messeging drug dealers?
    You know thats permanently recorded, and accessible at anytime by police, right?

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