would you listen to me?

Discussion in 'General' started by negligent, May 4, 2006.

  1. cuz i god damn sure would when i'm tellin you about what you should and shouldnt do when it comes to drugs, one of my good friends that i havent hungout with in awhile just called me up askin if i can get him any needles, because his dumbass didnt listen to me when i told him "dude you cant sniff heroin forever, eventually ur not gonna get high unless you sniff a ridiculous amount ur just gonna sniff the bags so ur not sick anymore" but no dont listen to negligent about drugs, cuz he knows nothing, so now my friend is addicted to heroin and i know for damn sure he doesnt know how to hit a vein with a needle n i god damn sure aint showin him how

    theres a reason heroin is a "hard drug" n y people ruin their lives on it

    i wish every drug user could be like me, do hard drugs recreationally, cuz i can smoke crack or shoot dope n not get addicted due to the fact that i have self control

    robitussin was another story, but i got that for free

    dunno, just wanted to vent, cuz nobody ever seems to believe me, i told another friend not to fuck with coke to much when he first tried it and now he gets random nose bleeds from how much he does (he's a rich little fuck)
  2. Negligent, you have a strong mind.

    And rich people and hard drugs dont mix.
  3. You always seem to give good advice in the forums so Id prolly take your advice. Man Heroin is a crazy drug when you know sum1 who was hardcore addicted, thats some scary shit.
  4. my friend who first introduced me to weed weened himself off meth with weed, but he said it was hard as fuck. He's tried all the classics: acid, shrooms, pot, heroin, speed, coke, tobacco, salvia, alcohol, ecstasy, etc.

    He said coke was really nice, heroin very nice, but he said speed was definately the most addictive thing he ever did. He said it took him three months before he finally started to have money in the bank again because he wans't spending it on meth . . . insane shit man.

    I can't see myself doing most addictive drugs simply because it seems to fuck with peoples' lives too much . . .

  5. Actually, my friends Probation officer encouraged him to smoke weed if it helped him get off meth.
  6. i'd let you stick a needle in my tongue if you said it'd be alright, you know what you are doing. haha
  7. Neg, you've always been a prime example of when i preach responsible drug use.

    You've dabbled, but you have discipline and take responsibility for your body and what you do.

    I consider you one of the most seasoned drug users on here and very well worth listening to.

    Sucks to hear about your buddy. I've been in similar situations... and the worst part is there is absolutley nothing You or I can do. Don't blame yourself though, and i think you're doing the right thing in not helping him.

    Best of luck.
  8. I wish i had a friend like you to tell me when enough is enough..

    Good job meng..its his fault if his life gets fucked up/
  9. You're up there with erowid.
  10. yeah, i would listen.
  11. I'm the same way man. Addiction is all in these people's heads. It depends on how much will power you have. Personally, I can do just about anything recreationally and then not touch it again for months. It's all about will power and self-control.
  12. yes i would listen to you neg. you have proven yourself time and time again that you know what you are talking about

    sorry to hear about your friend
  13. Nothing but love coming from me Neg. :)

  14. you mean like this? (i was gonna stick it all the way through but that shit hurts haha)

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  15. crazy motherfucker :laughing:
  16. haha oh buddy!

    Good stuff :hello:

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