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Would you lie? or tell the Truth?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by thccrystals, Feb 12, 2004.


Would you tell a cop that pulled you over that you have weed on you if he asked?

  1. Yea - I'd let him know and hopefully I'll get away with it

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  2. Na - I'd lie and say I didn't and hopefully they won't search me

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  1. I just wanted to see what the blades would do(or have done) after getting pulled over and asked the question, "Do you have any marijuana in the car?" while you did.

    I have been pulled over 4 times, 3 of those times I had weed on me(some more than others). Well only 1 of those times did the cop ask me if I had any marijuana in my car. I told him no, but then he asked me like another 10 questions pretaining to weed. I eventually 'admitted' I smoked one time in 9th grade, and I said I didn't like it. Oh yea, I was just pulled over for a broken taillight and that is it. Well he believed my lie and I got away that time... good shit.
  2. I tell the truth.. I never have any on me or in the car...

    I limit my transportaion of my weed by the way of other ways!!!!
  3. I'd lie, I also make sure there's never any reason they would have probable cause to search my car either.
  4. i'm a shitty liar, a real shitty liar. and i have a weakness for men in uniforms. so, i rarely have anything on me;)
  5. Lie, as I recall my lawyers number!

  6. Like what, by horse?
  7. How dare you ppl post in my thread without voting!!!! j/k....kinda
  8. by horse lol

    maybe he like, does the thing with the birds so the birds grab the weed and pay the dealer and then the falcon flies back to him
  9. Lol..ok, just voted.. If a cop pulls me over and asks if I have weed in the car, I would probably lie. But it would really depend on the circumstances. If I thought the cop already had a good idea that I smoked, (Though I can't think of reason how) I would admit to it. But If I think he's clueless to my marijuana usage (which he probably would be) I would lie, and say I quit a while ago.

  10. That'd be cool.. Train a bird to drop the money off at your dealer, then have the dealer tie the bag to the bird..haha
  11. man u know soon that bird'll be pinching ur sack. damn dirty birds...

  12. For one I haven't bought in years...

    two i can get any where I need to go for it by 4 wheeler..

    Three i grow my own so it's so far in between that I would need to go any where else!
  13. I figured you grew. But ya kinda threw me off by the 'other' transportation :D

  14. Some days I just use my feet for a nice walk.. Then on the way back................................well you know what happens on the way back!!!!!LOL

  15. what kinda uniform.... sounds kinky to me :p
  16. lmao, pretty much any man with authority and a uniform. pilots tho. omg. sigh;)
  17. NEVER admit guilt in any situation involving law enforcement. It just makes it that easier for them to charge you. ALWAYS keep your mouth shut and wait to speak to a lawyer.

    Also, if they want to give you a sobriety test, deny it. DON'T DO IT! Sure, you'll be arrested and go to jail for a few hours, but if you fail the test you are going there anyway AND they'll have all the evidence they need to slap you with a DUI. You'll be happy you delt with a few hours in the tank when you go to court and they have no evidence that you were intoxicated. No evidence, no conviction.

  18. If i refuse any type of sobriety test or breathalizer while im driving, i get my license stripped for 180 days.
  19. Did get pulled over once. After a trip to the beautiful mountains. And since we had so nice weather we had a good smoke before the last rides. Came back into town and got pulled over (there was a police van in a crossroad and saw three guys with snowboards, so they followed us). They didn't ask about weed but wanted to see registration. I then remembered I had part of an old pipe in the glove compartment, too, lol. So I had to lean over quite well so they wouldn't see it.

    I asked them what it was about and they said "rutine control". Bullshit. I wasn't wearin a seat belt and they said nothing...

    Anyway...if they'd asked.....I'd probly lied, lol
  20. I have a bad habit of lying to people with some authority. So yeah, I'd probably lie.

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