Would you let your kid read about Marijuana?

Discussion in 'General' started by Deleted member 341238, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. Or would you just rather have them not know anything about it?
  2. If they're warned about it enough, I feel as though that would make them more curious. I'd teach him about it.
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  4. Might as well, most kids read about alcohol I'm sure. So I'd much rather have the first option.
  5. I will never allow my kid to read anything.
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  6. I read Kraft Ebbing when I was 12, so I doubt I would try to stop my child from reading anything they wanted to...
  7. I wouldn't sway them in any direction. I wouldn't say its good or bad. Id like my children to find out the truth on their own. Like my parents did with me. Probably why I'm an atheist.

  8. Why would you want them to not know anything about it? That's called ignorance lol
  9. of course they can read about mary jane, and if they feel like smoking it, they can do that too. As long as they smoke and mantain, IMO, there is absolutly nothing wrong with moderate cannabis use.
    If there smoking and sleepin all day in my house without a job, then we got a problem. But until that happens, its free reign
  10. There are a lot of ignorant people out there. :rolleyes:
  11. Of course I would! What kind of question is this? I'd rather teach them myself about marijuana than anyone else, but this guy here tells it like it is, it would be best if they read what is on that site. Your children are going to find out about marijuana whether you like it or not, that is a fact. The question is, would it be best if they found out about it through teachers, straightedge peers and organizations like Above The Influence whose goal is to spread lies and deceit, or would it be better if they actually had good information from you, their parent, to make what they feel are the best decisions?
  12. I prefer that my kid does not smoke weed at all, just because that is the safest route. I'm not gonna church weed up to be some great thing, I will paint it with more of a negative picture but won't lie about it either.

    Since I'm a ex-drug addict there's a good chance my child would follow in my foot steps as soon as they experience any kind of high, so I don't wish for that to happen.
  13. whoah there buddy... kids? :hide:
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  14. did you really think a lot of people would say no on a marijuana forum?
  15. The only thing my kids are going to read are napkins, titties, and the occasional sock.
  16. id tell him to not to listen to the shit the school would tell him and teach him myself, if i had a kidd
  17. Um yes you should unless your not sending him to school because they will just teach him false facts there such as Cannabis kills brain cells permanently.
  18. When they're of an age, mature enough not to abuse MJ then sure.

  19. When brain cells die, they DIE. They don't regenerate like skin cells. Yes, cannabis does kill brain cells. But they kill an insignificant amount of brain cells. Holding your breath kills brain cells. Banging your head kills brain cells. Inhaling helium kills brain cells. I can safely say I've lost more brain cells swimming, attending concerts and parties than I have smoking weed.
  20. Hell no I wouldn't let my kid have access to literature on cannabis.

    In fact, Im not going to let him/her read anything. If my kids bring a book into the house im going to go biblioclast on that books ass. You ever seen that movie Matilda? Ya, im going to raise my kid(s) like that.


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