Would you front your significant other?

Discussion in 'General' started by HotepHippy, Mar 2, 2015.

  1. Sup blades.

    So yea basically I'm curious on how y'all feel about this subject. Me personally, I have found that fronting ANYONE is a bad decision for the simple fact that if a human can't do what needs to be done to get a few dollars in order to receive some bud in that moment, they either don't need it or need to prioritize.

    My gf asked me for a front the other day. In a roundabout way too I might add.
    Anyway what do you guys think?

    Are fronts still 'acceptable'

    Who would you or would you not front to on any given occasion?
  2. Well my girl knows she wouldn't need to ask to "front her" because I would just hook her up in a heartbeat even tho that is never the case. Fronting some random nigga is one thing or someone I know I shouldn't be doing it for but to just shove my girl off like that would be a lil ridiculous, "Hmm my baby needs a favor but I know fronting in the past will lead to a bad decision so I think I'm just gonna say no and tell her to go fuck herself"
  3. I think you should have given her some when she asked and you wouldn't be feeling guilty now.
    Omg I am literally dying right now  :laughing:   I just wouldn't be with a girl if I seriously had to feel like that :confused_2:
  5. what kind of a cheap-ass are you that you wouldn't hook up your girl with some weed?
    (you did put "significant" in the title... )
  6. Dude...as a girl toker, you gots to share that shit man. If my boyfriend was like "oh, you're out? sucks to be you" then his ass would be sleepin on the couch

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  7. I never have a problem picking up so I share what I have with whoever asks. Last week guy at work was bragging about getting some Denver Blue Cheese so I gave him a nug of my blue cheese, free, just because I was curious how they compare.
  8. I've hooked up a few girlfriends in the past, helped them smoke the first time, teach them how to roll, how to pack a bowl. Gifted many items such as pipes, lighters, screens, entire set ups.
  9. If you're not smoking with your own girlfriend then your ass is doing it wrong.
  10. IF you are selling it to her, she isn't your significant other.
    fronts are fine if it's someone that you trust whether that be a girlfriend of anyone else.
    if you don't trust your girlfriend with something as petty as weed, then i'd start looking for a new girl.
  12. Did...did I just read that shit...is this a troll...you won't be getting laid for a looooong time
  13. I wouldnt even charge my gurl. That pussy is payment enuff
  14. If you are that stingy, you could think about all the shit your girl does for you, and in the end i guarantee you she done paid off for all her smoking needs already.
  15. Maybe you need to date women that don't smoke if you're that uptight about it.
  16. Is this you're first bird?

    If you don't change you're ways mate,it be you're fucking last lol

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  17. Lol guess I shoulda said she smokes for free when she's with me which is almost 5-6 days out of the week every week.
  18. She just wants bud of her own, and I'm tryna get her to save a lil money instead of getting a few grams here and there. She could save $50 and go half with me to get a zip of her own.

    Mind you guys I'm only asking cuz this is the first time I said naa lol

    I prolly get more oussy than most of you combined ;)
  19. I dont know you mate, but i assure you that you dont!;)
    Very confident to make that assumption lol

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  20. I garden for my friends and family. My wife has access to our harvest whenever she'd like some. What's mine is hers. My friends and relatives get fronts if they are close. Otherwise no, just causes issues.

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