Would you ever hit a woman??

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  1. some girls get out of line wayyy too much so like if the girl started hitting you and getting in your face repeating "hit me bitch hit me" what would you do :x
  2. Id hit her...

    With my dick
  3. Sleeper hold doesn't count as hitting right?
  4. i hit a girl once on accident.

    i was in my buddys car eating taco bell one night, and these 3 people wearing ski masks ran up to the car and egged the car and shit (yeah, i was probably like 16 at this time). so me and my buddy get out of the car and start chasing them. we thought it was these 3 guys that were always fucking with us.

    i tackled one of them and started dragging them by the leg across the street and they kicked me in the neck and i got pissed and just jumped on them and pinned down their arms and started punching them in the face repeatedly.

    then i took off the mask and it was a chick. WHOOPS. it ended up being my girlfriend (at the time) and her 2 friends. THANK GOD i didn't catch up to my girlfriend lmao
  5. only in self defense, yes. i wouldn't feel weird about it either.
  6. In self defense I would. I'd rather punch her right in the face and have my knuckle hurt for awhile then have her disfigure my face. But it all depends on the situation.
  7. a couple years back when i was like 16 or some shit there was this honduran girl she used to act tough and shit and one day she put her hands on me i told her to chill...she hit me and i proceeded to beat her ass...a couple hours later she sat next to me talked it out...ended up having rough sex and dating for a year.
  8. :eek: surprise ending.

    I gotta find a honduran girl to kick the shit out of.

  9. lmao man theres alot of girls like that out there who like being hit and shit its crazy.
  10. If she hit me first, or was asking for a fight then yes. Equal rights = equal beatings. I'm a small skinny man anyway and alot of women are bigger than me.
  11. Well sometimes ill make my girl trade stomach punches with me but that's only whenever she tries to pull that "I'm pregnant" junk.
  12. hahahha WTF! I wouldnt hit a woman Id fucking smash her!
  13. Yeah under certain circumstances. Saying anything different would be extremely sexist.
  14. If there was no risk of me losing my homies, I would fo sure slap the shit out some damn hoes round this here town. Fuck that shyt.
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    I punched a guy in the face once when I was working at a gas station,he came up to me in the parking lot while I was sweeping up outside near the end of my shift and was getting grabby so I punched him,he punched me back twice before one of my regular customers saw us and kicked his ass.....yeah this story probably wasn't relevant to the thread but I'm a girl who got punched by a guy so I guess it is lol.

    Sorry I'm high.

    Edit: Didn't really put my opinion lol,if a woman is hitting anyone,she deserves to be hit back. I mean if the guy is super huge he probably shouldn't hit a tiny chick full force,don't want to end up in prison for murder.
  16. I look at it this way, if i hit ANYONE, man or woman, i am fully expecting to be hit back.
  17. Yes, if the women is bigger or fatter than me..... I'm a pretty small guy. I my height is around170cm, which is pretty small for guy.
  18. I would never hit a woman

    ...but I would beat a bitch's ass
  19. Only if I really have to to protect myself, but I probably would only use half strength if the bitch wasn't as strong as me.

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