would you drive 5 hours to meet a girl?

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    I met this girl online. We've been talking all day. We hit it off. She wants me to come see her but the problem is shes fucking 5 hours away in texas. I know what you're thinking why don't I just meet a girl in my town? The problem is the town I'm in is small and the girls aren't hot here. If I went to see her, I'd stay for a couple days. I'd probably get laid. Hell, I might even fall for her. I just met her today, so I'm going to give it a week or so before I decide. What would you do?
  2. I would definitely not drive five hours to see a girl from the internet. That's way too much time to waste on a crap-shoot.
  3. You've been talking for one day and you are planning on spending a couple days together?
  4. No bad idea...really bad idea. If you're that desperate just get a escort
  5. if the head right, ghostonvacation there every night
  6. Well I asked her when she thinks we could meet and she said u should drive down and meet her. I could just take the weekend off and get a hotel or something. She lives with a roommate so I probably couldn't crash at her place.
  7. Sounds strange that a chick would want a stranger to come see her after 1 day of chatting. Have you even talked on the phone?
  8. Outside of a half hour she better damn well be workin' her ass off in the kitchen cooking me the best fuckin' dinner known to man.:cool:
  9. I was going to come in to this thread and say fuck it and go but then I saw you said you've talked to her a day lol...But whatever if you have nothing better to do and the gas money wont set you back to much go for it
  10. and other things as well :p
  11. whoa, one day of semi hardcore internet flirting and youre ready to make a ten hr commitment to drive out and see this "girl"? please tell me youve at least verified that she is in fact a girl (fb/facetime/skype).

    id give it at least a month or two, if i were you. love can wait -if thats something you want from this girl anyway. gl
  12. wait is this for the fat chick in from your earlier thread? lol
  13. Lol. Fuck these responses got me laughing. I'm not going to go meet her tomorrow. I'm just thinking ahead. Like if in a couple weeks if we are still talking and still hitting it off I would consider it.
  14. We are going to talk tomorrow. Yeah I know it's a little weird but woman find me really attractive.
  15. Online only apparently.
  16. LOL funny guy
  17. Not unless her pussy was made of gold.
  18. Not after a day I wouldn't. She will understand that a five hour commitment after a day is too much.

    Take it slower than that and before meeting her for the first time call her because the bridge between emails and real interaction is huge.

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