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would you do this????

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by chris_coe_boy, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. my brother finished high scool and makes a living 18 and will be 19 in 6 months im 8 credits short of graduating.he will give me 3.5 pounds of headies:smoking: if I stop smokin for those 6 months:( and get a drivers license and those 8 credits
  2. If you think you can do man, do it. I know I would but idk if i could do it :)
  3. do it dude, you should try your best to pass even without your brother trying to give you motivation.
  4. I would do that, flip those pounds keep maybe a QP for yourself.
  5. I'd do it. You need to graduate, and 3.5 lbs of headies+6 month t-break=EXTREMELY high you.:hello:
  6. id do it. u never kno when some unexpected circumstances come up that force u to get a job and that is pretty hard with out a highschool diploma plus a free 3.5 pounds
  7. You'd be silly to say no to a deal like that, unless you actually WANT to be an uneducated drop out...
  8. Hell yeah! Do that shit!
  9. im gonna get the credits im not retarted..its just the not smokin for :mad:6months:mad:I've never went a whole 2 weeks without smokin and the only time i did was because of need for t-break.
  10. Not smoking isn't that bad. It's all in your head. Just quit, and finish up everything. You can do it.
  11. yea dude just NIKE that shit
  12. Hell, really I'm sure hes more concerned with you getting the creds...I'd go back not smoke for awhile get good grades show him that your serious, and if hes anything like the older homies I got he wont give two shits about you smoking, and will probably still come off the pounds when you graduate. Hell, if you do well he might just assume your not smoking (will he actually drug test you?) if you do well you can probably still smoke and have it on a dont ask dont tell basis with your bro.
  13. Do it. I wish I had an older brother that was going to give me that much herb.

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