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would you do this?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by lar20, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. lol dumb question but i was thinking about it while high. if sombody came up to you and offered you 2 ounches of free weed and said he had to get rid of it because cops or somthing. would you take it? im not sure if i would lol it could be laced or somthing however if it was fine it would be the oppertunity of a life time! kinda lol
  2. Yes. And I would thank him afterwards.
  3. if its 2 O's i doubt it would be laced. normally the only people that lace it is middle men and they lace smaller bags (dub's 1/8's somtimes quarters) to make them heavier and make more profit so they can buy more from their bulk dealer. but people who do that are scum
  4. Yahhh, and then I'd sell.
  5. i know lol im just saying like would you just take it or would you be worried somthing could be wrong with it
  6. yes, i couldnt even think about sayg no.
  7. think about this, (i dont know the price of cocaine) but lets say its 10 bucks a g of coke and 20 bucks a g of weed, and u buy the 20 bucks a g of weed that u dont know is laced iwth a g of why the fuck would the dealer lace his weed, he just lost 10 bucks!

    so why the fuck would he lace 2 ounces worth and then just give it away

    people need to get it through their heads that dealers do not lace their weed unleess someone asks for it to be laced
  8. 50ish for a gram. Coke is WAY more expensive that marijuana.

    That just proves it even more, wayyy too much profit loss.
  9. thanks
  10. I was under the impression that the only thing you could lace buds with was PCP. Not that that ever really happens...
  11. hellll yeahhhhh, ^^^^ you can lace bud with about anything you can think of....
  12. i lace mine with ground up cocoa puffs, so everyone comes back cookoo for more of my weed......

    wait, what?

  13. Don't lace with cocoa puffs, lace it with kellogs strawberry stuff, because then you can sell it as Strawberry Kush. How good does that sounds..
  14. some people lace bud with small pieces of glass to make it look like more thc and weighs a lil more, its really rare though and those ppl r douchebags. its called "grit weed"
  15. It probably wouldn't be laced, and even if it is, YOU GOT IT FOR FUCKING FREE.

    You paid no money for it. You can always flip it or just throw it away.

    The better question is why wouldn't you take it?

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