Would You Disown Your Child After This?

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  1. MINNEAPOLIS, Nov. 16 (UPI) -- Police in Minnesota say an 11-year-old boy turned in his mother and stepfather over marijuana kept in the family home. Police in Dakota County say the boy, tired of marijuana smoke in the home, snapped cellphone pictures of a couple of pounds of marijuana on a dresser in the bedroom of his mother and stepfather and had the images forwarded to the Dakota County Drug Task Force.
    The marijuana was found in the couple's home near Hastings during a raid by the drug task force on Oct. 25, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reported.
    As a result, Heidi Christine Siebenaler, 40, a Dakota County probation supervisor, is on paid administrative leave and charged with fifth-degree possession of marijuana.
    Her husband, Mark Siebenaler, 40, is being charged with possession and intent to distribute. He told police the pot is for medicinal purposes although marijuana has not been legalized for medical use in Minnesota.
    "These allegations raise moral concerns and legal concerns," Washington County Attorney Pete Orput said. "It's disappointing when someone in law enforcement gets caught breaking the law. In this case it is particularly disappointing."

  2. i'd probably strangle the little turd before i ever got around to disowning him....
  3. Probably brainwashed by some anti-drug-program at his school. smh.
  4. That's really sad.

    Now the question is what is a probation supervisor doing with 5 lb's of Ganja? Was this guy selling to his charge's or something? :laughing:
  5. I wouldn't disown him, but I wouldn't let the parents have the kid in the first place, house filled of smoke with an 11year old? gtfo
  6. Exactly ^^. The local paper claims the kid asked them many times not to allow so much smoke to gather in the home. Apparently, he got tired off it and took action. Someone had to be the grown-up in that house. :smoke:
  7. Yep. Any responsible adult isn't going to be smoking, let alone handling weight like that in front of a minor. Sure it's definitely a harsh consequence, but it gives his parents some time to think about REAL priorities.
  8. By the looks of this poll, I'm guessing that kid better pack his bags.
  9. Parent's should of told the child the truth. And not allow brainwashing too occur. Their own fault I guess >_< Some kids are just born stupid though..
  10. What is wrong with half you people. You can't disown a kid and for just this?

    You want to be able to leave your 11 yr old in the gutter don't fucking have a kid, You signed up for the long haul assholes(Worth an infraction he thinks as he sits pennyless and no license waiting to turn 21 so I can get my life on track without there help because his parents did not do there dutys)

    Anyone who even thought about clicking yes should go jump of a building. Kids fucking 11....
  11. There's no need to disown a dead kid
  12. Its OK for someone to smoke weed for medical reasons and have a child. When the house reeks of ganja and the parents have crazy weight and smoke in the house,that is a major problem.
  13. parents fault. not the kid's. no way i would disown him nor would i even know how.
  14. Looks like the kid is on the path of the jedi.

    I will break him.
  15. Yeah, I hate kids. Little fucking brats...
  16. I got to un subscribe from this thread before I get banned omg the ignorance lol.

    Yea 11 yr olds are supposed to be fully fledged on the science of marijuana and what it does to you I am sure he is reading a book about it now......facepalm......

    I also dislike kids but that's why I wont have one....
  17. wowwwww what a little shit! lmao
  18. My sperm is just as chill as I am brother, if that kid was ballsy enough to pull that stunt, well...

    A. He's definitely not chill.
    B. I'm definitely not the father.

    Exempt from giving a shit.
  19. lol why would u leave 5 pounds out in the open them parents are lucky iam not their kid cause i woulda took it all and busted out the bzong lol sloppy plain sloppy they deserve it lol :hello:
  20. whose to say that I haven't already disowned "children"

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