Would you be willing to wager on God's existence?

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  1. Okay hypothetical situation here.

    Say there was a magical oracle that has nothing to do with God that would be able to tell you for certain that God does or doesn't exist.

    In order to find out, they will offer you a monetary wager. What is the lowest amount of money you would accept if offered?

    Now here's the catch.

    If you choose to place money on God not existing, and he does exist, you will be killed right away and forced to spend eternity in hell getting fucked 3x daily hard in the ass by Satan's fat 15 inch cock. If God does not exist you will simply get that money (the lowest amount you would be willing to accept is what the Oracle would offer you, you can not lie about this number, the Oracle knows the exact number you truly would accept.)

    If you choose to place money on God existing, and he does not exist, belief in God will be classified as an incurable mental disorder and you will be placed in solitary confinement for the rest of your life with no chance to get out. You will be in restraints 23 hours a day and in a padded room 1 hour a day. You will be fed dog food and scraps and if you refuse to eat you will have food injected into your body (they will keep you alive as long as you could possibily live.) Also you will be injected 3x daily with 5 MG of Haloperidal. When you die, you will not go to heaven/hell, you will simply cease to exist. If God does exist you will simply get that money (the lowest amount you would be willing to accept is what the Oracle would offer you, you can not lie about this number, the Oracle knows the exact number you truly would accept.)

    Option C: You can just keep living how you are living.
  2. I would ask the oracle if he/she/god exists

    or is that not an option?
  3. I wouldn't do it. The whole principle of Christianity is faith. If you new He existed for a fact, you wouldn't be rewarded with heaven or salvation because it wouldn't be hard to serve a God you know for a fact exists.
  4. God can mean so many things, I would wager on certain ones.

    At above poster that's why it is hypothetical....
  5. Fuck this... Need to think of some clever way of saying it so you're right either way. Alexander the great and that big knot kinda thing.
  6. I'd wager my life, I know I'd be going to a better place.
  7. This is a stupid thread....To many gods. Roman catholic god? Orthodox Christian god? I would wager my life they do not exist AS TOLD BY MAN. But to say there is no greater entity is something I would not do
  8. I would chose c but it I had to chose one of the others I'd pick b because if I get it wrong I will only suffer for a short time
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    People always act like they know for an absolute fact that the God of the Bible can not exist yet most people will believe almost anything else they are told as if it has been verified to them.

    Aliens, ghosts, spirit guides, reptilians, global warming, evolution...Harry Potter. [​IMG]

    People must have proof to believe in God but everything else not so much.

    If it is possible for you to exist then why is it impossible for God to exist?

    I'd wager eternity that God exits.
  10. It is impossible for certain gods to exist as the bible says because of the contradictions
  11. I'll bet ten million dollars that God exists.

    If God does exist, then I'm a rich man.

    If God doesn't exist, then it was worth a shot.
  12. Fuck, dude. I would never bet my asshole away at 50% odds. And I have a phobia of being restrained, so I would not want Option B, either.

    I'll choose C, and find out when I die.
  13. i believe in deism and that the entire universe is the product of an all-powerful creator.

    i dont believe in a god that exists to punish me if i dont constrain to its rules, or have to abide by an ancient book to get into his "kingdom" lol like seriously i dont understand how people can believe that when they die their going to be judged and sent to a good place or a bad place for eternity.
    religon was created thousands of years ago by people that had no way to logicaly explain thier life and why it was the way it was.
    it was a mechanism of younger humanity to explain the universe.
    People that believe in a religion where life is a test is completely moronic.
    Life is just your life and you should live it exactly the way you want, you could do fucked up things but then you will live with that on your mind for the rest of your life and it or the system will eventually destroy you. :D
    i find it ridiculous that hundreds of millions of people live by an ancient book. i dont understand when the bible doesnt make any sense and nobody knows what context its written in. :smoke:
  14. I think not knowing whether or not there is god is better than knowing. I would like there to be questions in life still.

  15. I beg to differ.

    I think there are already too many questions in life.

    One less would be nice.
  16. I'd rather have the answers to mundane shit in my everyday life than whether or not there is a big guy upstairs. That is just me though I want death to be a surprise.
  17. My life is like dedicated to finding out what's on the other side. It turned me into a insane hermit. Sure I know something about everything. I also have no friends or house and do not trust a sole because of it.(Okay the house thing can't be blamed 100% on my journey)
  18. IDK guys. I have read the Marquis De Sade, the most elequent athiest to put pen to paper. It'll make you think objectivly about your faith. But would I bet on it? Well, isn't life itself and how you live it a bet on whether or not there is really a God? My faith is ingrained in my life. So I have bet on God, and I renew that bet with each breath I take. But as stated by the OP, well those aren't bets so much as extreme statements of faith or lack there-of. I am not feeling extreme about my faith right now, so I would not take those bets.
  19. I was thinking about these things the other night and I thought of something. Not god but heaven itself.

    If heaven exists as told in most western bibles, I do not see how it is possible. How can you keep me at peace for eternity without changing my brain(I do not want my brain ever changed therefore if they changed it to make me happy it would not be heaven)

    Paradox if you will.
  20. Maybe its your brain changing. Maybe heaven is so great you can't help but be at pure bliss. Supposing it is real of course.

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