Would you be mad?

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  1. If you just told the love of your life that your contemplating suicide, talk about it for 5min and then said
    "Forget I said anything, have fun with your friend, love you"
    Would you get kinda upset if she replied with
    "I won't forget it but alright , it might be a few hours because I'm going to the mall, love you<3"

    Would you be life wtf?! She left me alone while I was contemplating suicide....


    Totally not think about it at all?

    (By the way this problem isn't mine, but it's what my table in drama was talking about)

    Even if throughout the relationship the girl was faithful and actually in love with the dude, everyone knows it. Would you still get mad?
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    I'd say she was shallow as hell and leave her ass! jmo
  3. I had a boyfriend that considered suicide. The first few times I took it seriously but that shit gets hella annoying after awhile.

    If anyone I was dating threatened suicide Id be like peace!!! Cause that shit aint for me. I need a man who can tough through the hard times. Not take the easy way out!

    Especially cause most of the time people threaten suicide over silly things.
  4. cant do it as a guilt trip tho bro. she probably saw right thru that

  5. from what youve told us yah id be a little irritated because it seems like she blew you off in a time of need but she mightve felt uncomfortable and thats why she did that
  6. Little update, it was the dudes first time telling her about it, but she claims the only reason she said bye was because he told her to go have fun with her friend.. What do you guys think?
    Don't be passive aggressive by telling someone to do something and then getting upset when they do it. 
    You told her to go have fun with her friend, so she did. 
  8. Well first dont make girls feel sorry for you and guilt her into staying and what not its just not the right way to go about it. Have a serious heart to heart with the lady not through texts if your serious. She was probly freaked out by it. And you told her to go if you really wanted her by your side ask for her support in your time of need. I think you just went about it all wrong op.
    And chin up bro I know depression and it aint fun but dont do it youll just dissapoint the people that love you.
  9. Mad ain't it at all. If u serious about taking your own life and bring it to the attn of another...it needs to be just that....serious. a gf or bf ain't the best go to imo. My lil bro told his gf he was going to take his life and her reply was " bet you won't." My bro won that bet. I just wish he woulda come to me w that shit. Stand strong. You only have one life to live and will never know how much you're loved. Especially if you're no longer around.
  10. I wouldn't be contemplating suicide in the first place. So...no
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    No, but I'm not a punk pussy ass bitch that contemplates suicide. She's probably tired of you woe is me whiney bullshit too. 
  12. Well, if we're talking about the right thing to do... Anything other than immediately calling the police would be a failure.

    If he really is contemplating it, they will talk to professionals that can help.. if he's faking it, I bet he'll never try that shit again.
    The best thing to do is to text back. 
    "Bet you won't...you too pussy.'
  14. Well if i ever said that, chances are I would be fucking with her, so Id actually hope she said exactly that.

    Love it when women get my dry humor
  15. Then he whacks himself and the police see your text. However, that won't be the real problem... Somehow the media will find out and next thing you know, your picture and personal info will be blasted all over the internet and of course everyone will blame you for bullying the kid into suicide.

    That's how the world works now
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    I don't give a fuck. Being infamous beats being a nobody. I don't give a fuck about someone so bitch made they don't want to live especially when they have steady food, electricity, water, and everything else they need to survive and then some. 
  17. Real men express their thoughts clearly, I think its very feminine to do that thing where you tell a person to forget what you just said and still hope that they cling to you. 
    So to answer the question : I would be a little pissed but I would be more pissed at myself for behaving like that around the girl. At the end of the day its the guys fault for putting her in that position, even if she might've seemed a little unsensitive. As someone said, a phone call with a communicated tone of voice could have made the girl react more.
  18. That's a fucked up thing to be texting someone about, I'd be mad if I were the girl and someone dropped that bullshit on me.
    Serious contemplation of suicide is for the mentally weak or mentally ill, and should be addressed by a professional, not dumped onto a loved one or friend for attention.
    OP, if you or 'your friend' is serious about self-harm then you should contact a medical professional.
    Suicide Hotlines.
    US: 1-800-273-8255
    UK: +44 (0) 8457 90 90 90 (UK - local rate)
  19. You can tell how a person really feels about you with how they act when youre going through hard times. 
  20. Anyone who threatens another with suicide so they won't leave them is a douche nozzle

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