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would ya hire a dread???

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by NaughtyDread, Feb 23, 2004.

  1. i was sittin here wondering what the impact of having or living by a certain lifestyle has on me. for instance, i have dreads. i cant say that i have not hopped around lookin for my niche in life, but, i refuse to follow the ways of what society says is acceptable. would ya hire a dread?

    i live in here, in the south east us. its a lil slow, but at times fast. i smoke on a regular, i dont mess with anyone, and i try to be law abiding. occasionaly i get asked wheres the herb? i jus smile and go about my way. would ya hire a dread?

    ive been sportin dreads now going on 6 years. they are about mid length down to my back. my current job hired me, no problems. im not face to face with anyone but my computer :) i do however try to put them up and make sure they are not distracting me or anyone. i always get the questions : how and why, both are answered normaly by i dont know and i dont care. that is care to pay someone to cut my hair. not knocking barbers or anything :) but i have to wonder, would anyone of you hire a dread?

    i dont know where i was going with this, i guess its jus the rambling of a stoner. i guess i do fit everyones sterotype. ive got dreads and i smoke. one has nothing to do with the other, as far as im concerned. im not even a rasta like so many of my friends. would you hire a dread?

    im kind, considerate, sometimes a lil quick to fly off the handle, but an easy gentle person who will get along and respect everyone around me. sure i drive a lil fast sometimes, and i might even give you the finger, doesnt mean i dont like you, i just dont like what you did.
    so, as i bring this waste of space to an end, would you hire a dread?.
  2. if you mean people with dreads then who cares if you do or not. i wish i could grow dreads but my hair grows outwards like a fro would. some of my friends have dreads and their hired for their jobs no problem.
  3. you made that sound so deep and intense. like a black power poem i heard not too long ago called "long strides". but yea, i would. not that im in a position of ANY authority or anything, but if i was....
  4. ok i just fased out when readin but ive wanted to get dreads for a while now but havent. this summer i will get em. but the answer to your question is yes i would. descrimination on peoples hair style falls into the same catagory as skin color. it doesnt matter what you do to your hair.
  5. I wouldn't hire a white person with dreads since it's silly and their hair usually smells pretty funky. Juuuuuust kidding!
  6. hair is hair is hair.

    it shouldn't keep you from getting a job as long as you are not a representation of an image. in my field (of study), i could not wear dreads or even consider it. as long as you are qualified, you should get the job though... :-/
  7. About 1/4th of the people in my town have dreads. I don't really notice 'em anymore.
    Hair is hair.
  8. i want dreads

    growing tips? what lights should i use?

    but seriously i want dreads...
  9. I've worked with some people with dreads and they're usually really nice and the ones I've known were hard workers, so dreads wouldn't really hurt someone's chances of me hiring them if I was in that position.

  10. lol 400hps cant loose :) i learned on the interview if they act like they are more interested in your hair, then you, most likely you wont get the job. happened to me once. didnt bother me much, i wouldnt been happy at the job spot. but if i were in a position to hire a dread, sure i would :)

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