would u chop it off??

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  1. alrite so if you could chop off your cock and it would grow back an inch bigger every time would you go through the pain of choppin it off?? same thing for girls would you chop ur tits off if they would grow back a cup bigger everytime? lol
  2. are you trying to find out who has a small dick?
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    No, I would not chop of my cock under any circumstance because I'm not fucked in the head.
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    what is this i dont even...

  5. hmm do we get to use anesthesia ? maybe once but i think after going through that process one time i would regret doing it assuming i had it in me to chop it off in the first place which i am not sure i do .........doh.... but if i was super tiny dunno man i might chop it off a lot
  6. still swingin in the minor leagues, eh?

    f that. any pain in that area is uncool, why would i want to take a knife to it?
  7. lmao i asked a room full of people this last night and they all said fuck no except two girls said they wouldnt care about the pain they would chop em off lol...
  8. i thought it was general ...dont see why it was moved to pandoras box...
  9. Interesting that girls say that given that many studies determine that women will tolerate more pain.

    And as a side note, it bothers me when women want bigger tits and are unsatisfied with their given ones. Big, small, round, high, low, they're all perfectly fine with me.
  10. Is it like a instant heal? Can we be put under?

    If both yes, maybe once...I'd want a shitload of drugs before, during, and after.

    I'd have to think about it a long time. Even as I type this I'm thinking no. It sounds so horrific. I'd rather lose an arm.
  11. ya see bunch of questions i wanna know before i would consider something like this....
  12. I'd consider it if my dick was smaller. It's perfect as it is though.

    And pussies, just go with the butcher knife on the cutting board.
  13. How long would it take to grow back?
  14. Sure thing man

    I don't like chicken anyways...
  15. Hell no.
  16. haha i didnt think of all the schematics like that just a funny ass question i thought
  17. i for one, do not need to worry about this. lol.
  18. Wtf dude,
    come one man.

    This isnt balls vs hatchet.
  19. How stoned do you have to be to come up with shit like this?
  20. Uh, I think asking women here about this is basically a moot point, since breast augmentation surgery is about as common as McDonalds. Women regularly "chop 'em off" to get bigger tits all the damn time.

    Not too often are you hearing about penis augmentation surgery...BIG difference.

    And no, I would not chop mine off. Give a woman an inch, she'll take a mile...:D

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