Would this work?

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  1. So i just had this idea, what if i were to take a large nug and put a hole going down and through it. So you would be smoking your bud out of a bud pipe. But it wouldnt have a bowl it would just have a small hole and you would burn the bud around the hole. So would it work?

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  2. No


  3. Well that sucks, thanks anyways.
  4. thats sorta like hot knives.... sorta.

    just dont bother with it. lol
  5. there is a guys how to roll a giant all nug joint but idk where the link is
  6. [​IMG]
  7. By that time bring out the rolling papers.
  8. yes it could be done, actually theres a badass tutorial for it somewhere. can't find it for the life of me though

    and yeah it might be wasteful but sometimes you just gotta play around with shit and have a little fun
  9. This, I've seen the tutorial. It's possible

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