Would this be weird?

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    There's this girl who saw me at a bar last week..knew who I was and said she thought I was cute to her friends..one of them who I know wanted me to talk to her then but I didn't because I was waiting for another girl to come. Turns out the other girl never came and it was too late to talk to the girl at the bar because she was with the kid who she is on and off with.

    Turns out she's really hot after realizing everything being sober.

    My friend who knows her asked if she would want to hang with me this weekend...she said she was on board.

    So then my friends found out and went on my fb and added her.she accepted.

    So here's my question- I'm gonna ask her to hang through facebook chat today. Do you think that's wierd? I haven't had the time to talk to her..she held a door for
    Me today early in the morning but didn't have time to talk

    Is this ok? I mean I hear she is interested.

    Thanks my fellow blazers :)
  2. Its not weird, just dont be a dufus and its all good
  3. Not really weird at all to ask if she want to chill out with you on facebook. It is a social site for a reason just act cool and you will probably be chilling with her very soon.
  4. It's not weird, go ahead.

    But don't expect her to be as into you as she was one night while drinking at a bar. It sounds a bit like she gave you a chance and you decided to wait for another girl. Ouch. She might have been drunk then, she might have been offended afterwards. Just treat her like any other girl who don't necessarily know is into you.
  5. so this weekend my friends set it up for her to come. i never saw her and hooked up with the first girl who i waited for before and never came. this time she did and we hooked up.

    the hot girl knows we hooked up. blah idk what i wanna do
  6. By any means necessary. Maybe meet up for a coffee or something light.

    Just in case, choose a starbucks near a cheap motel.
  7. just thug it
  8. yea yeah yeah
  9. wwwwwwwhhhhhhhhyyyyyyyyy did you hook up with the other girl!?!!

    bad decision,
    girls hate that shit.

    you might still have a chance, i don't know the girl so she might be cool with it.

    but if i was talking to a guy and had plans to chill with him and he went off and hooked up with a girl that stood him up previously, i would be pretty upset and probably try to move on

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