Would This Be A Valid Way To Dry My Bud?

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  1. I'm starting an auto grow in a few weeks and I will eventually need somewhere to dry my harvested bud.  I don't know anyone who would let me dry in their house so I came up with an idea for drying outdoors. 
    Take a large cardboard box (around 2.5'x2.5') and close the bottom but leave the top open.  Place a small 6'' battery powered fan at the bottom of the box facing up.  Place a piece of wire/string/etc. going across the box towards the top. This is where you would hang the buds.  After the buds are hung, turn on the fan, close the top and place a large garbage bag over the top of the box to protect from rain.
    I would have one or two of these boxes out in the woods with camo over them so they aren't too noticeable.  Would this work?


  2. Just get a tarp pinned up between 2 trees and hang em there just secure from animals. Keep away from sunlight, but those are not optimal conditions and it will affect the buds.

    Why can't you dry in your house? This is part of the growing plan man gotta have this figured out.
  3. We'll I still live with my parents and they wouldn't be to happy about me doing that especially since I just got done handling a felony possesion charge.  I was thinking about doing something similar to what you just described but I figured the box method would keep the buds dryer/cooler.  I'm in the central Florida area so it gets pretty hot and humid.
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    You are going to want to find somewhere cool, that heat and humidity is definitely going to degrade the buds..
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    I'll be "that guy" and say that if your parents aren't comfortable with you drying buds in their house, that means they probably aren't comfortable (or don't know) that you're growing. Especially after dealing with a felony possession, you've got eyes on you. Have you considered that they can lose their house, jobs, and assets if you get busted growing there, regardless of how old you are? Yes prohibition is an unjust law, but that doesn't currently stop police from ruining peoples' lives.

    I ended up having the charges dropped because of police violating my rights/harrasing me.  You think they still really have their eyes on me? Also, the grow isn't near my house. I would never pull my family into that.
    Would they still get degraded even if I had one or two fans running 24/7 in the box?

    Trust me, I've tried.  They are just too stubborn when it comes to weed.
  8. Dude, if the charges against you were dropped you better believe all the charging officer can think about right now is how he can get you, all his little cop buddies will be gunning for you as well, I speak from firsthand experience man, please be carefull, your pretty much setting yourself up to fail

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  9. I was arrested in a county about 2 hours from where I live. Should I still be concerned?

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