Would this be a good starter piece for wax?

Discussion in 'Concentrate Tools' started by SimplyMartin, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. Hey everyone new to the forums and I was wondering if this would be a good starter piece for wax.

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    That, would be an excellent piece, for just about anything(IMO).

    And don't get too hung-up on the "starter" thang.
    Also, it's YOUR opinion that matters, regarding how it hits;
    'listen' to others, that get a chance to hit yer rig,
    pay 'attention' when you hit other folkz' rigs..,
    but, after all, it's your rig! You decide!

    my $.02

    PS: H2O can be your friend! Experiment with different levels. IMO: I'd "Start" @.25(1/4)inch above the 'showerhead'. Good Luck - s
  3. Yes. Like ^^ said.... Good starter piece for wax or flowers.
  4. Yep, SYN is quality and is sure to treat you right. As the others said it's useful for everything for buds also, just get a female flower bowl and you're set for anything you want to blaze!
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    And if you don't mind a bit o' friendly advice...
    You could do worse, IMO, 'check out "DoYouDab" Titanium Nails...
    Jus' Say'n...

    o HIGH o:
    "...just get a female flower bowl..."
    FYI: I don't believe that piece is "Direct Inject"...
    Looks to be a "Dewar" joint with an 19mm Male2Male adapter...
    plus, whatever 'nail&dome' is shown on rig, in photo, of course.

    But, I'm not all that familiar with "SYN" product,
    so I'll defer to my more knowledgeable brethren.

    s'more pocket change...
  6. i would give advice in 1 of two forms.
    if you want clear tasty dabs, get a low drag small oil bubbler. i have a knock off of a silika oil rig with a worked dome by Bucko (i mistook it for a salt piece when i walked in, due to the eyeball). oil bubbler was about 100, worked dome by local artist Bucko wad 95)
    other option, if you already have a glass on glass, is an oil add on. either a vapor dome or skillet. it will cost a bit less then a dedicated oil piece.

    the bubbler in the OP pic isnt bad looking, but only if its under $120. more then that your paying extra for a logo
  7. i didnt notice it wad a showerhead, so maybe 200?
  8. How much was your lhs charging for that?
  9. Looks like it'd be a solid grab for 160 USD or so

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