Would these lights on amazon work. CFL 60 watt 5000k

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  2. Those are only 14 watt lights. You would be better off going to walmart and buying a 4 pack of 23 watt CFLs for $10. It would provide nearly double the light for around the same price. You go back actual light output, not the equivalent output.
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  3. However, yes they would work. It would be a better idea to go with 23w bulbs though. 14 watts is extremely low. You need at least 100 watts for each plant.
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  4. So if I put like 6-10 of these around each plant it would work? I am thinking about doing a space bucket because I have 5 plants and I am growing each one differently to experiment.
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  5. Yes, but you would still be better off going to walmart or local grocery store for CFLs. They will be cheaper and then you don't have to worry about shipping.
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  6. Great Value brand works perfectly too. Buying a lot of CFLs can get expensive. After I was looking at the costs of all the bulbs I was going to have to buy I realized that for $95 I could get a 400w HPS. But HPS isnt an option for everyone since they can get hot.

    Also remember you have to have sockets for all of these bulbs too. Youll need to invent in lamps, two-way splitters so 2 bulbs can go into one lamp.
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  7. Thanks for the info! You have been really helpfull
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  8. Ive got these giant lamps I got at a garage sale a few years back. Guy said they were for construction. Could I make a wicked grow lamp out of them? The picture is of the tag on the lamps. I can post a picture of what they look like in a bit.

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  9. Can you post a picture of the bulb/front? Looks like it could be a Metal halide or HPS bulb. If it is a MH or HPS that will work really well actually
  10. Yeah that is definitely a Metal Halide lamp. You can grow 2-3 plants under that since its 175 watts.
  11. HPS is better for flowering than MH but the Metal Halide would be better than the CFLs so I say go for it!
  12. I bought like 8-10 of them a few of them are hanging in m garage. They had light bulbs already in them but most of them do not have bulbs.

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  13. The label implies that they can only use Metal Halide bulbs so that means you have 8 entire 175w metal halide lights. That equals 1400 watts! Forget the CFLs!! Use these Metal Halide lights! They will produce a much larger yield and likely produce a higher quality dense bud. If you need more bulbs for them I will find a link for the bulbs you need
  14. Great! Will the bulbs they have already be good enough? Or do I need to buy special growing bulbs? I don't think these were used for growing before.
  15. M57 | 175W Metal Halide Bulb | MH175/ED17/U/4K

    The bulbs they have should be fine, but I dont know if they have grown to be weaker after time. They may be powerful, but they may have dimmed a lot. You may want to buy at least one bulb and compare the brightness to the others. The bulb is $9
  16. Thanks so much man! You saved me some cash for sure. I just need to move shit around now so I can make room for a grow room.
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  17. Actually since you have so many you may not even need to buy a new bulb. The combined light from using a lot of them on your plants will make up for them being dimmed. Im currently growing 5 under 400 watts so you only really need to use 3 or 4 of those. Remember MH can get hot and burn your plants so keep them at least a foot and a half away from the plants. Maybe even 2 feet away.

    You could likely get away with using 2 of them to keep the heat way down. Thats 350 watts so that should be enough. Then when they start flowering add one more.
  18. So I just went to a hydroponics store and they told me that I had my plants outside too soon. I have had them on my porch until I can rig my lights. I also showed them the MH lamps and they said they were great but would get too hot during the summer without intense ventillation. And that they would bee too much for my plants in seedling stage? Is this true? My plants are only a week and a half old and are just growing there second set of true leaves.

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  19. What kind of space are you looking at to keep these in? That depends on the heat from those. If you just keep 1 or 2 MH lamp on the seedlings until they get a bit bigger it will be fine. They arent too powerful just keep them a bit farther away.

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