Would it be safe to rinse your bong with RainX to minimize the stickage?

Discussion in 'Bongs, Dab Rigs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by WeedConnoisseurWannaBe, Nov 2, 2017.

  1. And would it actually work?
  2. Don't...
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  3. isopropyl alcohol and salt. how fucking hard is it? iso alcohol + salt + shake it well = clean bong
  4. I know how to clean the damn thing. The RainX would be there to KEEP it clean. Just like on a windshield of a car.
  5. you keep it clean by fucking cleaning it don't put fucking rainX on your bong
  6. RainX also eventually starts breaking down. Where do you think those chemicals will end up?

  7. No don’t do that! Clean after every use if you’re that concerned about build up. Use iso and salt and shake lightly. Works like a charm

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  8. Wtf

    No, do not use Rainx on your bong.

  9. Fuck man, why so aggressive? I thought people on here were supposed to be chill and open minded. Fuck
  10. I would be seriously concerned about the health issues it could cause bro, not sure off hand what's in it but as it breaks down & wears off you will be ingesting it, I cannot believe I can still breathe looking back 40yrs ago during my youth making pipes out of use copper pipe with lead solder, galvanized pipe, using a beer can with a few holes poked in it, the paint turned brown an flaked off.... I think it's creative thinking but don't go there bro
  11. millennials always trying to find the easy way out...
  12. I wouldn't get overly offended by the aggressiveness of what there telling you. Your recommending a idea that is most definitely unsafe and no one wants you to take it lightly. Just rinse quick with iso after your done to keep off the tough stuff
  13. a lot of people come here for help and advice, and they also come here while they are stoned. by polluting this forum with your shit-thread there is a risk someone might quickly read over the thread, try it and then kill themselves or lose a lung. we try to spam the ''DON'T DO IT'' to try and minimize that damage
  14. Alcohol and salt

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  15. I used to use metholated spirits and rice. But u gotta rince out a fair bit

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