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Would It Be Possible To Fail A Drug Test After Cleaning A Pipe?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Soapflake, Jun 10, 2013.

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    Okay so tomorrow I may or may not have a drug test and I wanted to clean my pipe and stash it, though I highly doubt my probation officer will pay me a visit.  Anyway, I bought some 92% rubbing alcohol and soaked my glass bowl, shook it out a few times and saw plenty of resin fall out.  I also had some tissue stuffed in the shotgun and also in the bowl to soak the inside with alcohol.  I was careful to barely touch them as I pulled them out after soaking(they were soaked brown with resin) with just my fingertips and quickly washed my hands with soap.  I noticed a tiny smear of resin on my finger and the alcohol may or may not have gone over that spot.  Would you think that may have helped some thc absorb into my skin? 
    I've been clean for well over a month and tested myself a couple weeks ago and passed.  Am I worrying too much about this?

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    You should be fine, I don't think enough THC absorbs into your skin to make a difference and if it does it doesn't sound like you had much contact with the resin.  If you're really worried, test yourself again.
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    Thanks for the quick reply.  I tried googling and couldn't find anything but "can i fail a drug test from smoking k2 out of dirty bowl" and variations of such.  I certainly don't feel high or anything.  Also, I'm guessing if people smoke k2/spice out of dirty pipes, I should be fine.
  4. you trippin. i roll my nigga blunts for him daily and ive passed all my UA's. ive been on probation for 2 year.
  5. Well my concern arose after reading that oils and alcohol aid abosorption into the skin.
  6. The amount of thc that you absorbed, are way to tiny to do anything. You didnt absorb enough to even mark 1% of whats required to fail a test.
    You will be good.
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  7. If you touch MJ, it is absorbed into the blood stream and you'll come up positive for weed and meth for at least 6 weeks.
  8. ;)
  9. OMFG that tiny little smear is gonna stay in your fat cells for 25 years!!  You should go to the emergency room at your local hospital and tell them that you need the finger to be removed. When they look at you as if you are losing your mind, just tell them that you are going to be tested and you don't want to fail.

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