Would it be as much fun?

Discussion in 'General' started by smokinokie, May 13, 2002.

  1. A country can get more real joy out of just hollering for their freedom than they can if they get it.
    -Will Rogers

    This quote got me to thinking.

    Would Mary Jane be as mystifing if you could find her at the local convience store? If you could get stopped by the cops and not have to worry about it? If the company party had a smoking bar also? In other words, how would you feel if pot were legal and suddenly all us stoners were an open and free part of society?

    I'll start the ball rolling.

    Been a smoker for 26 years. At various times thru those years I've grown and dealt it also. Never been busted, although there have been some extremely close calls. But part of the original fun of the weed was just the fact that it was AGAINST THE LAW!

    The first time I smoked it, we drove 20 miles away from the nearest house, hid the car in the woods, then walked another mile into the woods and hid behind a stand of trees. This shit could get ya busted! Ya gotta be careful!

    It seems as time went on I developed a mentality to not trust authority, to be leary of everything. A bad attitude? Perhaps.

    But on the other hand, pot, or maybe just the illegality of it, made me see that you should'nt take rules without asking questions.

    The other part of that would be the newbie smokers that would infest the world! Right now I can go anywhere and after a brief conversation with someone, I can tell 90% of the time whether they are a smoker or not. That may sound a bit pompous, but we true stoners are a unique bunch. Ya can sniff one out in a crowd!

    But soccer mom smoking circles? Oxaca nite at the local VFW? Dipweeds on pot? I'm not sure how I feel about that yet. Maybe it would be OK. But would I need to find a new illegal activity to "keep my mojo workin" so to speak?

    When you've been an "outlaw" for 26 years, you kinda get used to it.

  2. Same reason people go ape shit over cuban cigars. Cause there illegal. The first time I smoked it was because I wanted to be bad. But then I realized that it's fun and not bad at all.
  3. i don't know if that's entirely true... 'cause if ya think about it, why do people smoke pot? to get high... what's the majority of a high consist of? chilling out, goofing around, eating, watching tv, just having a good time... none of which involve risk (except for maybe getting caught by your parents)... i do agree that the risk is fun... but i still think the high would be as fun if it were legal... if this confuses you i'm sorry (i'm a bit stoned right now)... if it makes sense and ya got a comment, please feel free to let me know :)

    schmoke on...
  4. the legality of it woudn't bother me. i could care less if its legal or not... im gonna do it. but tons of n00b smokers would annoy me and i think being able to pick it up at a drug store would be wierd.... i'd want to grow mine maybe they should just make it legal but not sell it.......
  5. i c your point on newbie smokers and stuff and i like that it's illigal. Dealing weed to friends is cool...if weed were legal i'd have to deal coke or summin...and thats not cool...
    having it be legal would be nice cause it'd be cheaper but i dont mind paying a lil extra

    i'd be all for decriminalization
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  6. For some people it is like having sex in public! The excitement is you could be caught. You would still do it if it were legal, but the high wouldn't be as good.

    For others of us, it wouldn't make any real differance. What i mean by that is, I only smoke at home. I DON"T leave my property will stoned. The chances of me getting caught are almost impossible.

    I believe it should be decriminalised. I wouldn't want stoned people taking my kids to school no more than drunks. I wouldn't want a person who is too high to cause a crash and my kids be killed in a car wreck because of it.

    I don't care what the world does in their own home but in public people should be clear of all drugs and alcohol.

    I never drive while intoxicated! I am not going to take a chance on hurting some one else for my incompetance.

    Just my views!
  7. i like your point Bud Head... i fully agree that no matter if it's legal or not you gotta be responsible.

    peace out...
  8. Been Token' well over 30yrs, and I believe if the Herb were legal, I would feel like I had been released from prison!!
    I have no idea if use of Herb would increase that drastically if legal. I think most of those that enjoy the Herb, do so regardless of legal status.
    I also agree 100% with Bud Head, on the need for responsible use.People must be responsible for their actions at all times!! I too have been a long time "outlaw", but not due to my chosing, or any subconcious desire to fight authority. Just my HO. :smoking:
  9. acourse i can pick out another smoker too after a brief chat, damn i really thought i had esp.
    i think after the initial novility wore off it would be mostly just free us regular oldies. we might pick up one or two soccer moms along the way but hell it might getem off the prozac!
  10. I think if the United States were to fully legalize marijuana it would truly be a great day in American history. In my opinion the government is stupid not to. Right now we are headed towards a depression and our economy isn't doing too hot. What I'm sure the government realizes but is ignoring is that if they were to legalize weed they could tax it just like cigarrettes. This would be mutually beneficial to stoners and the government. As a stoner you would be able to walk down to the corner store and pick up a dimebag with no worries and the government would make money on the deal as well.

    I would also love to be able to walk right by the police station smoking a fat blunt and not have any consequences.
  11. How would Corporate America market weed to the masses?

    Fucking terrifies you doesn't it.

    To see all these brainless, idiotic commercials on TV, radio, print, etc. modified to sell weed for some corporation so they show a profit and the stockholders are pacified.

    We would see the "McDonalds of weed", the Budweiser of weed" the "Disney of weed" the possibilities seem endless. Corporate America would completely ruin weed and the subculture that we all reside in.

    I can hear it now in some restaurant now " OK, folks, now that you have each finished off our world famous 2 pound hamburger with a ten pound side of french fries, can I interest you in a realxing smoke of marijuana?" God this is what I hate about the USA.

    And of course. everyone says they will grow their own. But how many people do you know that grow their own tobacco or brew their own beer, or distill their own liquor. If and when you can go down and buy you own pre-rolled joints at the liquor store, weed as we now it will then become just another profit center.
  12. Hmmm...

    Decriminalization will come before leagalization if either come at all but I have faith that they will. I prefer that decriminalization come first to avoid putting more good people in jail because of sweet innocent Mary Jane. I have talked to cops who have told me that they wish they didn't have to worry about stoners. Then they could focus on the bad guys for a change.

    I want legalization for our farmers. Hemp could save us.

    I have been smoking for 16 years and will continue to do so no matter what happens. I feel as though I am responsible. I don't get high and drive now. But I do go out into public while high quite often. It is part of who I am. I would never go to work high because that just isn't a cool. Serious occasions deserve a clear head, too. But if I am at the movies, or in nature, or playing ball or shopping(not grocery shopping though--I've learned that lesson), I am usually high.

    I agree with BPP about corporate America and it was quite disturbing to envision all of it in my head. It will be hard to go to McDonalds, drink a Bud, or watch Disney for a little while.

    To Smokinokie's original question: I think to be able to live my life as a stoner open and in a free society would be cool. For how long? I don't know. The mystification of Mary Jane is part of the reason why she is in my life. I love it when I am high and "regular" people aren't. I am on such a different level and see things differently. While they may not be able to get into an idea, I can go in through a back door and understand things in a light that they couldn't see. All stoners can do this and know it's true. I know stupid stoners but not many of 'em.
  13. Don't get me wrong, I'm for the decriminalisation of weed. i think the first step would be to take THC out of employment drug testing. Weed shouldn't be classified as a drug and as a qualifier for employment.

    Second, I think it should be available to responsible adults to enjoy in a safe manner, and free to all legitimate medical users.

    But how these huge corporate moneymaking machines would turn the mighty ganja into another profit center terrifies me. This country's population completely overindulges in everything and If I'm sitting in a restaraunt somewheer and I see some lilly-white christian republican mini-van family taking one or two puffs off a super-sized joint and then throwing it away like a piece of discarded trash, after all the times I have scraped resin and smoked shake, something about mj will change in me. I won't miss being an outlaw, but I'll miss the respect for mj that we all as tokers have for her now.
  14. i think corporate america could be limited as to how much they'd beable to advertise weed (similar to tobacco). like... no comercials on the tv... nothing on billboards... basically they're limited to signs in convenience stores and ads in 'zines... i think if they had similar restrictions on MJ it might not get too comercial... but ya know what? we'll never know until (if) it happens :)
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