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Would i qualify?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by JuanRing, Feb 13, 2009.

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  1. Well i'm in Canada right now so obviously no MMJ for me, but i may move to Cali sometime in a few years, and i was wondering if i qualify for MMJ

    I get random back muscle spasms, resulting from a sports injury. My back will just "go out" at random times.

    The thing i'm wondering about is, i dont get them every day, or even neccesarily every week, i sort of get "good periods" and "bad periods", where during the good periods, i can go months without having one, and then suddenly get one every day for months.

    Could i be denied based on the fact that for alot of the year i dont get the back spasms?
  2. you qualify IMHO.

    Because you only get them sporadically wouldn't matter, you still need relief when that occurs. I'm no expert.....just got my card today, but like I said in another post, There seem to be many doctors who soley dole out cards, they aren't likely to turn anyone down since each card is (for my doctor, according to her) 40 dollars a pop net profit. Looked like she was making about 200 in the 45 minutes I was there.

  3. do you get to smoke anywhere with the carD? or only in the state of cali?
  4. I would think its only in Cali, because thats where the MMJ laws are.

    If you went to a different state that didn't have MMJ, then it would be illegal.

    I could be wrong tho, i dont know much about this stuff.
  5. Sigh...

    No, your recommendation is only good in the state where you get it (except for Montana, they have reciprocity for the surrounding MMJ states).
  6. Juan, if you wish to qualify in California, you should start now. Every time you see a doctor, ask for a copy of that visit's records. My doc just has his "girl" take a quick photo copy- no charge. When you go to Cali, take those precious records with you! They will be your proof. With them, you will have NO problem getting a rec.

    My rec is primarily for migraines. I don't have them all the time- in fact, as long as I use cannabis, I don't get them! :D I stop, they come right back. So intermittant pain is quite allowable in California.

    You might want to visit a nice little Canadian MMJ site.

    Granny :wave:
  7. so i guess its safe to sa y i qualify with rhuematoid arthritis and scoliosis
  8. Oh hell yeah dude you'd totally qualify.
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