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would bud last about...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by jamesxkush, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. 20 days, I am not a heavy smoker and I bought too much, so I am storing it, it is really nice bud.
    It is currently in a ziplog bag, and since I dont want my sibilings getting ahold of it it is in a backpack, under my bed in a shoebox,, would it last 20 days and have little to no difference?

    It is in a cool/cold dry dark area, absolutely no light,
  2. No, after three days of not being smoked marijuana begins mating with dust mites, after about 10 days the dust mites lay eggs...15 days later you have leeches.:cool:
  3. lol yes your stuff will be alright man..

  4. uhm ur jk right :eek:
  5. yeah, I'm sure he/she was. I could feel the sarcasm from the keyboard.

  6. Yes. I've done it and it's fine. You just have to make sure the bud is not real damp when you bag it or it might mold.
  7. get a glass mason jar bro. it will last a while.

  8. If you can't find that hit up an old pill bottle.
  9. ya that bud would last 20 days, ive had 3 yr old bud that was still kick ass
  10. Get a glass jar if you want to store bud. Make sure its got a rubber seal too. and If you wana keep you bud safe you need to be a bit more crafty than a shoebox. When I was a kid I hid mine in my subwoofer. I know people who keep their bud in flashlights and shit like that. Just look around your room and try and think of a spot NOBODY would look but still has easy access.
  11. If stored properly, bud can last over a year with very little decrease in potency. Sounds like you have it in a pretty good place, and it'll be fine for 2 weeks. If you ever plan on keeping it more than a couple weeks, buy a mason jar.
  12. Does a bear shit in the woods?
  13. It's always good to double up on the zip locks. :cool:
  14. Joking?! Man! We're talking about leeches here!:cool:
  15. lol oscar stop it the kids gonna shit himself. also OP most of the bud yu buy is atleast a few months old. ive smoked 2 year old bud from a mason jar and it was perfectly fine
  16. Since the OP of these types of threads usually leans away from the mason jar idea, I just gotta say...


    Really. Give me ONE reason why you would choose another storage method. After someone says "mason jar" the thread should be closed
  17. It will last as long as it is in an air tight container. you can also try putting a piece of banana peel inside the jar with the weed. It will take the moisture from the banana and stay fresh :) Iv done this and came back to my weed being fresher than when I got it haha
  18. #18 glazedKnuckles, Aug 2, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 15, 2016
    Yes. I fucking love mold

    Don't let wet fruit peels smother your weed, please
  19. it will prob dry u if you're just keeping it in a baggy. get mason jar
  20. hell, i would smoke any bud after that long in storage. my lungs + plant matter = happy me

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