Would Bob Marley like dancehall?

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by Phat, Feb 9, 2004.

  1. I just heard this topic on the radio. Do you think Bob Marley would feel the "evolution" of reggae. (I really don't agree with that statement, but thats what many people are calling it nowadays) Personally, I kinda like dancehall, but reggae is much more relaxing and in many cases, much more complex/creative music wise then the repitive dancehall "riddims." I heard some old dancehall, it sounded alot like reggae... If Bob Marley wouldn't feel dancehall, he could probably feel dub, another "evolution" of reggae, also. So post your opinion...
  2. I actually did a final project on Reggae past present future all that shit this past summer at UC Berkeley.

    If Robert Nesta Marley were around today, he would probably not participate in the ragga/dancehall style of reggae found frequantly played ont he radio today. I feel he would probably continue influencing Rock into his unique style of reggae- rock steady, and would if anything, give props to sean paul and all of those other ragga/dancehall artists for maintining certain elements of classic reggae in thier mainstreme versions of the genre.

    You dont really see the two modern forms have any influence on eachother today too..... Like you do not see, ragga/dance hall reggae artists shout out or give "thanks and praises" to the honerable Bob marley, nor do you see modern rocksteady stars such as The Wailers, Cannabis Cup Band etc. really give any musical making props to those pop stars out there today who are on your "number 1 hit music station."

    But if Bob were here today, the genre of reggae would be COMPLETELY DIFFERENT!!!!

    so basicly, w/e

  3. Thats really cool, you go to Berkley? Thats tight. Anyway, I kinda agree with you, but still dancehall artists give props to Marley still. Bob Marley, as cool as he is, probably would never insult dancehall like my dad. My dad HATES dancehall and "rap crap" so he calls. But he still has a good taste in music.

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